• Hi lovelies! A little while ago the folks from GMC Air Con asked me if I’d like to trial a portable unit of theirs. Hell, yes! It arrived last week and not a moment too soon – as the wind starts to die off in our part of the world (we live on the mountain in Muizenberg so the south easter is a constant from October to January), so the heat in the upstairs area of our home, where the bedrooms are can get absolutely stifling! We had some of that shredded paper insulation stuff sprayed into our ceiling a couple of years back and while it has really helped with controlling the effects of the cold and heat, it is often still utterly inferno-like. Which means sleeping can be really tricky – especially for our two smallest people who seem to have much hotter inner temperature gauges than we do.

    Since Ava is in our room, her not sleeping well is NOT an option and I’m reluctant to sleep with our shutters open because the draught at night is nice for us but I worry about it on our baby – it’s been a catch 22. We’ve spoken about having air conditioning installed in our bedroom a few times since we’ve moved in but to be honest the thought of a unit on the wall does not work for me at all. It just messes with the whole look and the drama of an installation is just not for me. So that’s why I’m so thrilled with this baby. I’ve tucked it behind the wingback in our bedroom – it’s totally out of sight and out of mind too. In fact, The Captain, who is a total tidypants, is thrilled, because it forced me to clear out all the clutter that always seems to accumulate there and you don’t even know its there.


    Now You See it

    Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 5.55.06 PM

    Now you don’t


    1. ON THE MOVE

    I was so happy to discover the GMC Aircon unit comes on wheels, making it really versatile. If i need to put it in someone else’s room, I can just wheel it there – no need to slip a disc! I like that its so discreet and thaits lovely lines are so much nicer from the industrial looking units that one sees in hotels for example.


    1. EASY TO USE

    While I’m not a total moron when it comes to appliances, I’m not exactly enamoured with having to figure out ones that are too complex. Thankfully the GMC Aircon unit is a plug an play kinda machine. I literally plugged it in, switched it on, shoved the exhaust hose out the door, set my temperature and off we went. It has a top air discharge system – in english – the cooled air comes out the top.


    The Captain (and our children) seem capable of sleeping through multiple herds of buffalo stampeding through our room. Me? Not so much. I am a really light sleeper and am pretty obsessive about having a minimum of 7 hours a night. The GMC Aircon unit is on my side of the room and…lo and behold it doesn’t bother me! Also, the hum it offers is a great white noise provider which is perfect when you have babies – hopefully it will help me to sleep like a baby going forward.


    1. OH SO COOL

    The reason one gets an air conditioner is to provide cool when its hot and boy does this baby deliver! It brings a medium to large room to a comfortable ambient temperature in minutes and keeps it that way. You can set the 24 hour timer so it switches off after a certain time or to switch on at a certain time too plus it has a three speed setting.


    Any appliance has an effect on your energy usage and your emissions output and I’m pleased to say that the GMC Aircon unit delivers favourably on both grounds. Our electricity bill has not shot up since we started using the machine and from a green perspective, it offers Eco Cooling, a self evaporating system with no CFC’s and importantly for us with two young children, it has an independent humidifier and anti bacterial technology. So from that side, I’m happy!

    Other bonuses:

    • It comes with a remote so you pretty much don’t have to lift a finger
    • It’s also a heater! You can use the GMC Aircon to heat a room too which is great news for when winter hits.

    So if you’re in the market to add some cool to your life, look out for this brand – their portable Aircon unit is a great choice and I am so happy with this new addition to our home. You can buy it directly from the GMC website where they offer the GMCP12 at R4,999 and GMCP10 at R4,499. Prices are inclusive of VAT and they also come with a 2-year guarantee and offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa to your door, additionally both of the same units can be purchased on Takealot here and here. If you have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the friendly GMC Aircon team who will be more than happy to help. If you’d like to see more reviews on GMC Aircon units, check out some of the reviews they have online.

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    1. Soozi morris on

      Looks like a good investment !
      Love love the rug ! Where can I look ?

      X Soozi

    2. Janet W Perry on

      Need an airconditioner!!!!! Thanks for the tips, time to consider buying one. This heat….

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