• So I love recipe books. I mean, love. They make the perfect Christmas / birthday / wedding / just-because presents. There’s also something so assuring about a house with a shelf or three full of recipe books – I think it speaks to a certain generosity and warmth that is inherent in people who love to cook for others. With Christmas around the bend (did I actually just say that) and, for me at least, loads of friends’ birthdays coming up, these are the foodie books I’ll be getting for the special people in my life (and maybe one or two for myself). And yes, I do (mostly) judge a book by its cover, especially recipe books. Because they are often so openly displayed at home, the ones that catch my eye first are those with bold, graphic cover design and colours that make me feel happy. Of course it’s what’s inside that counts, but the odds are in your favour when the cover design is gorgeous. And this selection of new books tick all my I Want That boxes.

    This is the follow-up to Meera’s wildly popular Made In India recipe book but keeps the focus on cooking with vegetables. Perfect for those cutting down on meat or those who have a plant-based diet and are desperate to kick things up a notch.
    Trust old Jamie to come up with a winner for the holiday season. I’ve had a good browse through and can imagine this becoming a go-to when Christmas arrives. What I love about Jamie is that he’s included so many recipes you’ll want to cook well beyond Christmas too. A classic in the making.
    picmonkey-collage-236 One of my favourite regional cuisines is Portuguese and who better to turn to for authentic, delicious recipes than South African foodie icon Mimi Jardim. Bow your heads and prego!

    picmonkey-collage-237 This London-based eatery has loads of books under its belt now with this one being the most recent. There are over 100 recipes for salads that are truly delicious and satisfying.
    I have ALL of Tessa’s books – visually they’re a dream and the recipes are amazing. This one repeats her magic formula of delicious-sounding recipes couple with travel notes, photographs, nostalgic visual elements and her enticing, friendly voice.

    Middle Eastern cookery totally does it for me. The recipes here not only look inspiring but also accessible, and if Sabrina’s first book, Persiana, is anything to go by, this one won’t disappoint.
    picmonkey-collage-241 After my first trip to the Middle East, I was obsessed with that region’s cooking and bought myself (amongst others) Diana Henry’s Crazy Water, Pickled Lemons. It remains one of my all-time favourites and if you haven’t delved into this sort of cooking and flavours, I urge you to find a copy. I’m a huge fan of this renowned cook so was super-excited to see she’s got a new one out. While her focus is not specifically on any particular region here, Diana’s signature of dishes that are tasty, doable and fresh (as in, packed with lots of new ideas to inspire you in the kitchen again) will make you want to try everything.

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    1. Vicki on

      Great selection Mands! I desperately want the Mini Jardim book!! V x

    2. Miri on

      Want want all of them, imaybe SANTA will read this column and be kind to me over tge Xmas period!

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      I AM TOTALLY BESOTTED WITH RECIPE BOOKS – love the selection previewed – thank you!

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