• I found these beauteous prints on the Fab UK website – an online design store that offers great deals on special stuff you just know you have to have! These ‘Redoute Rose’ prints were big in the eighties and have been interpreted are by the lovely Katie Marcus who i featured on this blog a million billion years ago (read the post on a Day in her Life here). These vintage-esque prints from her own collection are screaming my name from London town, i can hear them saying ‘buy meeeeeee Vickeeeeee’

    They cost £13.50

    To shop at Fab UK, you need to register but it’s a quick and easy process and then you’re party to their discount deals. To shop for these and other Katie prints, click here

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    1. Rose on

      Actually these originally came from the French Art Teacher, Pierre-Joseph Redoute ( we commonly used to refer to them as the Redoute Roses). Believe it or not, he was apparently the art teacher to the queen in France, famous for her ‘ let them eat biscuits…” quote – the one and only Marie Antoinette.
      These prints were seen around and about quite a bit in the 80″s. Nice to see them being revived once again.

    2. iwantthat on

      Thanks Rose – i’ve updated the text accordingly – perhaps she scanned them in and made them her own in some way? Either way, i love them and the new info that makes them even more special, so thank you. I’m glad it’s not just Eighties neon and brogues that are having a revival! V x

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