• Are you also familiar with that heart-racey, slightly sweaty, marginally panicked feeling when you see something so gorgeous, so cool, so fabulous that you think well, it can only be love and I may have a broken heart if I don’t have it now? But you realise that what you’re in love with is stuff, and that makes you feel materialistic and shallow and the worst example of our consumer culture, but deep down you really don’t care because all that’s important in the moment is owning that thing? Well, multiply that feeling by 100 and you get how I felt when I first clapped eyes on the new Arro Home range by Melbourne creative director, graphic and product designer Beci Orpin. I have blogged about her books before and I just adore her signature style: quirky, super colourful, playful, fresh, pastel obsessed and with lots of patterns (particularly geometric) to layer with. The range reflects all that and more, and is a collaboration with business partner Adam Rogers. Scroll down and you’ll see why it’s been a massive success Down Under. Produced in Oz and also with pieces and materials sourced in India, the collection is a winner. I could dress my home from top to bottom in Arro and live extremely happily ever after. Yes, there is international shipping and yes, I have already placed my first order. Check out the beauties on Arro Home and prepare for a palpitation or two.

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    Pics by Brooke Holm

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