• Hi Lovelies! I hope you had a great weekend and that it was safe. Ours was..um…eventful! On the way to Plett we had a slight mishap as the new axle on our boat trailer broke and a tyre went flying into a field (not the traffic thank goodness), so we ended up sitting on the side of the road for four hours.  And while we were away our garage was broken into and we were cleaned out. But we experienced the kindness of strangers who helped us, the Easter Bunny still found us, we had some beach time, we managed to get the boat on the water and we had some lovely time with special friends.

    I’ll be back a little later but i thought i’d quickly share these delicious new buys from Le Creuset – batter bowls for baking! Love, love, love them and i definitely want! They cost R283 each and right now i couldn’t think of a better gift for a keen baker.

    PS. Loved all the feedback on Jane-Anne-s delicious hot cross bun pudding, thank you!

  • 8 Comments to “A Happy Hoppy Hello”

    1. Janine on

      oy man…sorry to hear of your woes…real pity…glad you are all ok…xx

    2. Sonja on

      OMW! So sorry to hear but glad ly you’re all safe! Best Wishes!

    3. Brenda Finch on

      my goodness not cool. take care

    4. Li on

      :o( for the bad luck :o) for the lovely Le Creuset x

    5. Bianca on

      Gosh those bowls are gorgeous. I need at least two in my life. Sorry to hear about your bad luck though. Hope your week improves. Bianca

    6. Ursula on

      Oh you poor things, sounds awful! Glad the Easter bunny found you and no one was hurt. Glad you are all okay and managed to have some happy memories with family after all that xx

    7. iwantthat on

      Thanks for the lovely comments guys. The most important thing is that we’re all safe and i’m grateful for that. V x

    8. Vamp on

      Hey Vix, made that hot cross bun pud on Sunday, was delish (thanks Jane-Anne!) Sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you had a good weekend and all are safe x x x x

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