• OK, so The Captain only reads my blog occasionally although he pretends he does every day and i’m hoping when this post hits his inbox i’ll be able to grab his phone and delete the notification. Reason being is that i really want to share with you just how fabulous his Father’s Day gift is. Although i absolutely love giving gifts i’m the first to admit that the ones we’ve given him over the past two or so years have been pretty dismal – we’re heading a little close to soap on the rope territory i’m afraid. In the past he’s received things like photo albums with proper prints and handwritten captions, a gown with The Captain embroidered on it, mugs with handwritten messages on them etc, so it’s time we went back to making him something super personal…and this is it!

    Chloe, The Captain’s eldest daughter, draws beautifully and over the past few birthdays and Christmases she’s given her Dad a handdrawn image of her favourite subject – hands. He’s building a lovely collection which one day i’ll have framed so he can have a little gallery wall in his man cave. For this Father’s Day, i sent off a pic to genius jeweller Janine Binneman and she came back with this a week later…


    Isn’t it amazing?!!! It’s a sterling silver piece of forever, is hand engraved and is just so fabulous! I’m sure some of you have seen the kids drawings that Janine is having made into pendants for people – this is an extension of that idea.

    I absolutely love it and we are so excited to see his face when he opens it, i now he’ll be so touched. I also love the idea of having a keyring made with someone’s signature on it and when i phoned Janine she said it’s totally possible, yay! My Dad had the most beautiful handwriting and a wonderful signature and i love the thought of having it with me all the time.

    If you’re in the market for a really special and thoughtful Father’s Day gift – orders close TODAY! Otherwise keep this in your memory bank for a gift that will continue to give every single day (pssst…it’s also available as a dog tag!)

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    1. Janine Binneman on

      Here’s hoping the Captain will love his hand made ‘hand’ gift- we loved making it happen

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