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    Hello lovelies! By now you may have seen the banner at the top of this page that says you can win a Nutribullet if you sign up to have your wedding registry at Yuppiechef. I wanted to run some more bonuses (aside from winning le Nutribullet) by you that should leave no question in your mind as to why Yuppiechef is the best wedding registry offering in the country. We had a surprise wedding so sadly i didn’t have the pleasure of sitting and creating my dream registry but i have so many friends who have based their registries there and it’s a no brainer – easy for them and very easy for guests – no wrapping, no packing, no shlepping to the wedding. Also, if you read the testimonials, it’s pretty easy to assess that Yuppiechef put their money where their mouth is in a quest to make every bridal couple the happiest they can be with their haul.


    1.Yuppiechef has the BEST selection of cooking and kitchenware in the land, literally thousands of quality tested, on trend, useful, good looking and lustworthy items for the modern home. PLUS they also have a growing homeware collection – from table linen to cutlery, crockery (their in house brand is really well priced) and decorative items too. Also, you can select according to price points which is really useful when you’re planning a registry so you have a good mix of things, And of course you can also get appliances, loads of gifts that take grooms into account and brand names like Le Creuset, Kitchenaid and Russell Hobbs too.

    2. Setting up a registry couldn’t be easier. Ever tried to set up a registry in a physical store? Let’s just say it’s not exactly a walk in the park. And if you want to do it on a Saturday morning – good luck with that! I know that a major retailer recently closed their registry service because it was so fraght with errors, duplications and out of stock issues and that’s something Yuppiechef registry holders just don’t have to deal with. They offer a really easy Set Up Steps Tutorial after which you’ll be good to go.


    3. Stuck on what on earth to choose, what you need, what’s on trend and what’s a classic, keep-for-ever choice? Don’t panic dear bridey, all you need to do is browse the carefully curated Starter Collections that offer verything from the basics like daily crockery, cutlery, glassware and cooking gear you can’t operate without to a colourful collection, a keen entertainer’s collection – you get the picture. Of course, you can add to these collections too but they’re a great way to get going.

    4. The Thank You Manager is an ingenious free tool that keeps track of who bought what for you so you can send timeous, personalised thank yous to each and every one of your generous guests – you could even prep those beforehand (hello, Mrs Organised). I would love a Thank You Manager for my own life!!

    5. I have to say that what keeps me coming back to Yuppiechef time and time again is the fact that they offer Free Delivery, no matter the size of the order. So, when your truckload of gorgeous wedding gifts is delivered, it’s great to know that neither you nor your guests had to fork out extra for the delivery – and that’s countrywide!

    6. Any Yuppiechef registry gives you the option to change your mind. If you received items that weren’t on your registry and want to keep them but you’ve got doubles on your Yuppie registry – it’s not a problem. Easy Peasy, swop and of course if you’ve had a rethink of things you need and want after the fact, then swop away.

    7. The nice thing about a registry with Yuppiechef is that you can out big ticket items on the registry and people can decide amongst themselves how they want to club in to buy them. The new family discount feature for up to 3 family guests gives a 10% discount to 3 family members – ideal for a group gift!


    8. Weddings can be stressful and the registry is just one of the elements you’ll be faced with organising. The Free Wedding Guide series features a bunch of useful articles written by industry specialists. From budgets to ideas and inspiration, they are super informative.

    9. Ah, my favourite reason for using Yuppiechef. Can you say Efficient with a capital E? From having actual humans answer your phone calls if you have a query to quickstix delivery, to advice on why you would use certain tools and user reviews – oh and of course, easy, super secure payment options, it really is a seamless experience to shop and use Yuppiechef.

    Shew, can you tell i’m a fan?!! I really am – i wouldn’t recommend any other registry to couples about to tie the knot.

    10. The 10th reason is one of my best. Registry holders are often rewarded for their loyalty….


    If you’re recently engaged, you have a couple of days to register your wedding registry with Yuppiechef and stand a chance to win a Nutribullet – let your newly-engaged friends know too!

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