• Hello lovelies! I can’t quite believe that it’s Friday – yikes, time is spinning out of control at the moment! Right now i feel like i’m never getting to the end of my to do lists at the moment. We’ve got a huge month coming up – 12 family birthdays and Ava Baby’s first birthday too are all happening in August – part of me wants to run and hide but part of me is excited too –  i do LOVE birthdays and i also love searching for the right gifts for people! All i can say is thank goodness for online shopping because i’ve been hitting the web hard in the early hours of the morning, building wishlists on some of my favourite online sites so that i can finalise gifts in the next week or so (payday can’t come soon enough!) So today i’m sharing some cool finds on Faithful to Nature – some perfect for gifts and inevitably some i want for myself – why does gift shopping for other people always end up in shopping for me?!

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    I’ve been looking for reusable zip lock bags for a while and i’m so happy that you can find them at Faithful to Nature. I know my sister would love these as much as i do – plus they cost R47 – bargain!


    You may have seen from my Instagram feed that i’m a big Hemporium fan – their clothes are fantastic and really well priced and their fabrics are amazing too. I spotted these handy cubes which have a waterproof lining – so useful!


    Are you on the anti plastic straw train? I love how this movement is gaining momentum in a big way, and so it should be. My only issue is that on the rare occasions when we are at a restaurant with Charley – getting her to drink a cool drink out of a glass and not spill is a mission – a straw really makes life so much easier. I would love a stainless steel straw and i would really love to give these to some of the people on my birthday list this month. 
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    Aren’t these bowls from Love Milo fabulous? These would make a great gift for someone teamed with a really nice granola or some Asian noodles and some decorative chopsticks. Check out the collection of Love Milo tableware options on the Faithful site here.


    As i said, researching gift options for friends and family invariably ends up with me buying something i really want need. And a Baby Bullet is it! Making baby food for Ava Baby has been low on my list of priorities this time round but i feel like i am spending SO much money on readymade meals and i really should be making it myself. I made all of Charley’s food by hand and it felt good to be doing that. Plus, how cute is the Baby Bullet and all the pieces that come with it?!


    Charley has inherited my very sweet tooth and it is NOT a good thing! I’m trying to steer her clear of rubbish but it’s not easy when i want Smarties and KitKats too! These Bliss Superfood Balls look delicious, they’ve got great reviews and i reckon Charley would love them as a special treat. They come in a variety of flavours and a bag costs R22 (which is much cheaper than the Woolies ones).


    OK, so i am really hating my skin at the moment -it is so dry and it feels like every month that goes by, i look older. Pradiance contains Kigali which helps to balance pigmentation, while Kalahari Melon is a heavy moisturiser – which i need. I’m really keen to try this.


    I’d also love to try this mask – i’ve used the Skoon brand before and it really is one of the most fantastic local skincare brands out there. If the reviews for this Overnight Hydrating Mask are anything to go by, it is an absolute winner – i want it!


    Have you heard of the Boody brand? It’s a range of Bamboo underwear from Australia and it is seriously amazing. I have a pair of their knickers and they are super soft and comfortable and i’m not surprised they’ve become something of a cult brand. They also have an adorable range of baby clothes which i would love to splash out on for Ava Baby and i’d love this 3/4 Scoop Top too.

    OK, so that blog post started off with the best intentions of sourcing birthday gifts for other people but i’ve somehow ended up with a list of a bunch of things i’d love for myself…it’s kind of what happens every time!

    If you’re looking for eco-conscious products for yourself or as gifts for earth-focused friends and family. take a look at the thousands of suggestions over on Faithful to Nature – also, if you’ve bought an item or two, be sure to leave a review on the site to earn points -i’ve become a serial reviewer – i love a loyalty point!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Great finds – thank you

    2. Yumnah on

      Hi Vicki

      Just recently bought their luxury bath salts! Can’t wait to use it! So convenient to purchase to and close to home literally 5 min away for collection. Such great finds!

    3. shanon on

      I really like those grey and white striped cubes. Tempted….even though currently de-cluttering and chucking out …

    4. Lalannie on

      Faithful to Nature has great stock.
      I learn something new everyday just by reading their newsletter.
      Love those straws – I bought the glass straws.

    5. Liesl on

      I ordered the Bliss balls – just be warned they are ridiculously small.

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