• Hi lovelies! My apologies for my whiney post last Monday, i forgot how stressful moving can be – that said i am VERY grateful for the roof over our heads and i am not taking anything for granted – just clinging to the hope that pretty soon some semblance of normality will return in the nearish future. Mr Cat is back home from the cattery – i got him a special collar with ‘feel good’ pheremones – and he’s looking totally stoned and chilled out – i think i could do with one of those! I thought today would be a good one to haul out my folder of wardrobe and dressing table images since i’ve been putting together a wishlist of wants and needs for our cupboard dude to work off. I guess it’s the promise of a super-organised space, but new cupboards make me very happy and i am looking forward to having our bedroom cupboards installed and to move out of crates and suitcases. This time round (and thanks to the Konmari method of packing drawers), i’m asking for more drawers and less shelving so i can have things much more streamlined and sorted. Here are some of the images that i’ve been working off…

    590338430258427_PE402333_S4 I think this is an IKEA set up – love all the drawers – and the glass fronts are really sophisticated – i know that Eclipse do these

    Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 11.47.19 AM This is pretty much the same vibe that we’re going for

    -1993367-1480368407.640x0c Taking inspiration from how retailers lay out their spaces is definitely working for me – my kingdom for cupboards that look like this


    This person has A LOT of clothes – and a beautifully organised set of cupboards

    Ok, now for some dressing table goals.

    I don’t have a dressing table in our new bedroom – i’ve pretty much out all my stuff into our bathroom vanity BUT if i had my way and had a proper grown up dressing table…this is the route i’d be taking


    So fancy!!



    These are so grown up and so glam!

    Ok lovelies…i need cupboard design advice – any tricks and tips that you’ve found really useful?



  • 5 Comments to “Wardrobe & Dressing Table Goals”

    1. Yvonne on

      All this images are just beautiful & perfect – on my wishlist too!!

    2. Lois Wessels on


    3. Mir on

      Beautifully laid out however prefer pants to ‘hang long’ so they dont get that ‘knee crease’.!!

    4. Robyn on

      So… When I was single I had cupboards built just for me!!! I even had some gorgeous slanting shoe rack shelving built on one side. Don’t forget space for shoes!!!! Not thrown in the bottom like mine are now….. Since getting married and moving house somehow I lost my shoe space and shelving. 🙁

    5. Wijnanda Ennes on

      Sweeeet. Nice wardrobe arrange.

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