• Good morning lovelies! I’m so sorry i was so scarce last week – i had a lot going on and somehow blogging fell through the cracks. But i’m back and i have a cracker week planned! Today’s post has actually been on the boiler for a couple of weeks because i planted up some plants that i bought at Stodels and ordered some plant stands and baskets from Simply Home weeks and weeks ago and then i realised i needed more plants and planters and needed to go back to Stodels. Luckily i spend a fair amount of time there anyway since Charley LOVES going to play on the swings, they have a lovely tea room (and if you’re a member you get daily specials) plus last week i took her to a holiday cooking course hosted there which she loved too. I finally finished taking my pix this weekend and now i can share them with you. So here is how living with plants at our home is going…

    You may remember my moaning that i seem to kill everything green i touch but somehow, somehow it’s coming together (thank the Pope for succulents which are hard to kill!) and now i can just add to things as we go…


    So this little scenario gives me great joy every single day. Miraculously, the orchid has survived since my birthday in February when The Captain’s mom gave it to me. It lost one spray of flowers last week but that other spray is looking good. I am in love with my little dish of air plants too and have to stop myself from buying more every time i pop into Stodels. The plants in my kitty planters are fake, haha and i love them. I found the planters at Typo on sale – bonus! I’m a big fan of plant groupings and a lovely old tray is such a nice way to do the deed.


    I recently overhauled a cheapie piece of furniture found on a local bric n brac forum and finally got round to styling it up this weekend (the DIY post is coming later this week). On the left is one of the plant stands i got from Simply Home – isn’t it FAB?!! I love these – firstly, they protect your furniture from soggy bottomed pots and secondly, playing with height is essential to creating effective plant displays at home and that’s exactly what they let you do. Terracotta pots are my latest obsession – they’re nicely priced and Stodels has a really good selection of different shapes and sizes.


    I played around with some of our displays at home on the weekend and decided this succulent (aloe? i’m so useless with actual names) needed to go under our gallery wall, to keep the bulldogs company. This is the medium sized plant stand from Simply Home and again, the pot is from Stodels.


    Chloe is loving her new room (read about the makeover here) and we live in hope that one day she will actually make her bed. I added to her succulent collection (pots and plants from Stodels, obvs) with this magnificent framed piece from Foraged, who i featured here. Janine is an amazing floral and plant artist and if you’re looking for something special for your home – she has plenty!


    This black trolley was pink (can you see the flecks of pink underneath?) and was hastily painted the other day. It’s been in our garage for ages and nobody on Gumtree wanted it so we hauled it out, gave it a quick paint (it needs another coat) and drilled holes in the corners of each level so water can drain out. The idea is that i am going to fill it with plants and herbs and leave it outside – i think it has lots of potential.

    Still on the horizon:

    • I am still looking for a suitable home for my amazing Fiddle Leaf Fig – the beaut belly basket i got from Simply Home is a tad too small for it, sadly

    • I am thinking of customising some of the terracotta pots with spatters of spray paint and/or geo shapes in gold

    • I need to find a lovely pot to fill the large plant stand i got from Simply Home – the ones showcased here are the small and medium – they start at R250

    • I need to get a wooden box for herb seedlings for the outside plant tray and i want to plant up some more succulents for the trolley above

    How are your greening intitiatives going at home, lovelies, i’d love to know

    A huge thank you to both Stodels and Simply Home who have helped me to make this plent fantasy at home a reality!

  • 5 Comments to “The Plants in our Home”

    1. Sally on

      Love this! As a slowly reforming pot-plant killer, I’ve now discovered the best way ever to keep them alive: ice cubes! Once or twice a week add ice cubes to each plant – one for small pots, and more for bigger ones. It prevents overwatering and spillage. And my plants are thriving.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Nothing adds to the ambience of a room like plants – I have had mine for years and they continue to thrive – hooray!

    3. Bevin le Roux on

      You have done it beautifully Vix !

    4. lameez on

      Good Morning ..Wow, so beauitifull and amazing ideas with plants just love it and thank u for sharing 🙂

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