• I don’t know about you but the cost of groceries is really stressing me out at the moment! Everything is SO expensive! I am trying to shop cleverly and to maximise savings wherever i can and making homemade soup is an obvious place to start in the winter months. For years i’ve made a Good for you Green Soup using broccoli, spinach, chicken and a bit of Orzo pasta but we’re sick to death of it – The Captain has been very polite when i’ve made it, but the love affair with it is over. Then, a few weeks ago i spotted a recipe in Fresh Living magazine which i adapted slightly and which is my new favourite – it is SO easy to make – it literally takes 15 minutes, it is utterly delicious and everyone (including Charley) loves it – i’m sold!



    You’ll need:

    1 Onion chopped

    2 Sticks celery chopped

    1 Punnet courgettes, chopped

    1/2  Bag tendersteam broccoli, chopped

    Generous handful flat leaf parsley

    2 Tins cannelini beans, drained

    750ml veggie or chicken stock



    On a medium-high heat, sweat your onion and celery in a generous glug of olive oil.

    Add courgettes and a little stock and stir for about 5 minutes until they are well coated and starting to soften.

    Add the cannelini beans and broccoli, stir to combine, leave to cook for 2-3 minutes.

    Add stock and allow to simmer for another 10 minutes.

    Take off the heat, add chopped parsley and allow to cool for about 5-10 minutes – blend.

    And that’s IT!


    Serve with crumbled feta and cracked black pepper.

    It freezes well and keeps in the fridge for up to 5 days.

    Serves 4-6 (with enough to freeze for 1-2 portions)


  • 9 Comments to “The Most Delicious & Easy Veggie Soup”

    1. Suz on

      Nom nom nom, thanks – guess what’s for dinner!

    2. Lalannie Knoll on


    3. Sharleen on

      Going to make this. Thank you

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Sounds ideal for me as a vegetarian – thank you

    5. Tracy on

      Looks so good! Even better with NOMU Chicken or Veggie Stock! 🙂

    6. Vicki on

      @Tracy – is there any other stock to use?!!

    7. Colleen on

      Thanks V – Perfect for the cold weather coming our way for the weekend.

    8. Sally on

      I made this for a girls’ night in front of the fire and it was a total hit: light and delicious. It is going into my recipes-to-keep-cooking folder.
      PS: I am now stuck on using tinned white beans as a soup thickener. Brilliant idea and I love the subtle flavour and depth they add. YUM!

    9. Janet W Perry on

      Must try this!

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