• These poetic images were commissioned by Vogue Korea and i can’t take my eyes off them!

    Photographer Kim Kyung Soon explains their relevance “during the National traditionnal festivities called ‘Chuseok’, many Korean people used to wear the hanbok. I wanted to show this typical ambience with both a lyric and modern touch. I wanted a neutral stage; only shadows and reflections mattered to me: Colours, faces and models were enhanced by cold and light tones creating an almost surreal feeling”.

    I am mesmerised by each and every perfectly coloured shot where each subject is an actress playing a role…






    Kyung Soo Kim - The full moon story at Art Stage

  • 2 Comments to “The Beautiful Work of Kim Kyung Soon”

    1. Li on

      These are incredible! Wow.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So unique

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