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    Hello lovelies! I’m excited to share this recipe with you in partnership with Tabasco, kings of the most popular piquante, flavourful sauces in the world! I’m not sure if you’ve made or eaten Shakshuka but not only is it super easy, it’s really, really tasty too. It looks so impressive when you bring it to the table and depending on the size of your pan, it can feed a crowd for breakfast or brunch, no problem! If i had a restaurant, Shakshuka for two would deifnitely be on the menu! You’ll find Shakshuka throughout the Middle East – it’s huge in Israel where they often serve it with dollops of plain yoghurt but it actually originates from North Africa. It consists of a rich slow cooked tomato, onion and pepper sauce laced with paprika and cumin – once its nice and cooked you crack some eggs into it and allow those to cook in the sauce, moving the pan from the stove to the oven and finally the table. Finish with chopped parsley and lashings of Tabasco and you have a total winner!

    I like to double dose on Tabasco for my Shakshuka – i use Garlic Pepper Tabasco in the sauce and a generous splash of the Tabasco Chipotle once it’s all cooked – the combination of the traditional red pepper Tabasco flavour and the smoky chipotle taste compliments the smoky Shakshuka beautifully plus the garlic and pepper flavours really add depth to the tomato sauce.  I specifically chose this recipe not only because it looks so impressive for minimal effort but also because Tabasco loves eggs – no matter whether you use the traditional Tabasco we all know and love or the flavours like these two, they really elevate egg dishes into something fabulous!



    You’ll need:

    •    1 tbsp olive oil
    •    1/2 medium white onion, chopped
    •    1 medium red bell pepper, chopped
    •    2 cans diced tomatoes

    •    1/2 tsp Tabasco Garlic Pepper Sauce
    •    2 tbsp tomato paste
    •    1 tsp cumin
    •    1 tsp paprika
    •    Pinch of cayenne pepper
    •    Pinch of sugar
    •    Salt and pepper to taste
    •    5-6 eggs
    •    handful chopped flat leaf parsley, chopped

    •    Generous splash Tabasco Chipotle Sauce plus more to taste




    Preheat oven to 180 degrees

    In a cast iron or ovenproof pan and on a medium heat, gently fry onion for five minutes.

    Add pepper and turn heat down – allow to cook slowly for another five minutes until peppers are tender.

    Add Tabasco Garlic Pepper sauce, spices, sugar and salt, cook for another two minutes.

    Add diced tomatoes and allow to simmer down to a stew-like consistency – about 10 minutes.

    Once it’s reduced nicely, make 5-6 little hollows and crack your eggs into them

    Now pop your pan into the oven and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes

    Top with chopped parsley, splash over as much Tabasco Chipotle as you like and serve from the pan with crusty baguette


    Things that add a twist to Shakshuka

    • Chorizo – it simply adds to the lovely, smoky flavour thanks to the paprika and the Tabasco (add it when you’re browning the onions)

    • Spinach – i like to add a layer on top of the tomato and make the egg hollows in the spinach – it wilts in the oven so no need to cook first

    • Crumbled feta – it’s delicious! Add it before you pop the pan into the oven

    • A splash of vinegar really does wonders for tomatoes – add just before you crack in the eggs


    You could WIN R10K!

    Tabasco asked for bloggers to submit their favourite recipe and i’m one of them

    If you head on over to their Facebook page, you’ll see they’re holding a competition where you need to vote for your fave recipe. Go have a look and you’ll see my and other bloggers’ delicious recipes

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    1. Robynne on

      WOW, looks and sounds delicious 🙂 you have my vote!

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      Oh WOW! Shakshuka and Tabasco- literally 2 of my favourite things in the entire world! Mmm spivey eggy goodness YES PLEASE!

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      Looks and sounds REALLY good. Going to make if for my family.

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