• Hello lovelies! Some of you have sent me mails wondering where i am, and i don’t blame you – although to be honest, i honestly don’t know where i am either. It’s the third week of January, a brand spanking new year and i’m just not feeling it – which is why i haven’t posted anything yet.  Granted i know it’s because my health is sketchy and that’s not an ideal way to start the year but even after i made my Health, Self, Relationships and Wealth lists of intentions for the year, i simply closed by spanking new planner and walked away. So bear with me while i look for my mojo – it’s somewhere here, i know it is. I’m pretty sure i’ll be back to blogging full steam ahead next week – i just needed to take a breath.

    Speaking of taking a breath, these artworks by local talent Laurinda Belcher take my breath away…

    I’m loving these so much! Find Laurinda’s Facebook page here 

  • 4 Comments to “So…here we are…”

    1. Lizel on

      really hope you feel better soon. absolutely love this blog xox

    2. Donyale on

      Sometimes the new year starts with a luscious big bang, sometimes it strolls gently into being. Whatever kind of start you need, we’ll be here when you’re ready x

    3. Shannon on

      Glad you are back, I had wondered where you were, but sorry you have not been well. Dreadful way to kickstart the new year. May it improve hugely. xx

    4. Rose McClement on

      Awh Vicki – I so feel for you. I am sorry to hear that you feel as if you have no ‘ lus’. Take your time finding your mojo and ditch any little whispers that ‘ guilt trip’ might want to lay on you. I too came into 2018 totally flattened by a bad bout of bronchitis and stomach virus. Also ran outta ‘ lus’. Fare thee well fair maiden.

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