• I had a lovely meeting with some of the Plascon trends team yesterday and it was great to catch up and share some ideas about what’s happening on the blog and at Good Housekeeping too. I leapt at the chance to show off some of the innovative DIY ideas that appear in the latest Plascon Spaces mag…

    This one’s an ingenious way to use a table that’s a bit wonky – and though they’vw transformed a so so corner into a wow workspace i think it would work brilliantly as a hall table too. All the step-by-step instructions are featured below…

    (Page 88) OLD BECOMES NEW - Paint Effects - Divide and Conquer - PHOTOGRAPHY Micky Hoyle PRODUCTION Liezel Norval-Kruger

    (Page 89) OLD BECOMES NEW - Paint Effects - Divide and Conquer - PHOTOGRAPHY Micky Hoyle PRODUCTION Liezel Norval-Kruger

    Isn’t the shock of pink fabulous?

    Here’s the original text and the how to:


    A wonky, weathered table is cleft in two and invigorated with a shot of electric pink. The result is a desk that brings an office to life.


    PAINT Plascon Double Velvet Downy Dew (B7-E2-2), Plascon Velvaglo White and Mystic Tulip (R1-A1-1).

    OTHER Pencil, metal ruler, handsaw or electric saw, coarse and fi ne sandpaper, damp cloth, Polycell sugar soap, drop sheet, masking tape, Hamilton’s paintbrush, Hamilton’s Polypile roller, three elbow wall brackets and screws, screwdriver.


    Time needed: 4 hours


    ■ Use the pencil and metal ruler to mark off the halfway mark across the width of one side of the table and then the other. Join the two marks using the ruler to ensure a straight line. Use the handsaw or electric saw to cut along the length of the table.

    ■ Sand the sawed edge with coarse, then fine sandpaper. Wipe away the dust with a damp cloth.

    ■ Sand the whole table lightly with fine sandpaper and wipe away dust.


    STEP 1 Wash the wall with Polycell sugar soap and ensure the surface is clean and dry.

    STEP 2 Lay a drop sheet and mask off the wall above the skirting board. Use the Hamilton’s paintbrush to paint the skirting with two coats of Plascon Velvaglo White allowing drying time in between.

    STEP 3 Once dry, mask off the top edge of the skirting and paint the wall with two coats of Plascon Double Velvet Downy Dew, allowing drying time in between.

    STEP 4 Prop the half-table against the wall. Place a drop sheet underneath and mask off the area of the wall in contact with the table edge.

    STEP 5 Use the Hamilton’s paintbrush to paint the table with two coats of Plascon Velvaglo Mystic Tulip. Allow the paint to dry between coats.

    STEP 6 Finally, mount the table to the wall using three elbow brackets.


    After painting a piece of furniture, write the paint code on a piece of masking tape and stick it to the bottom of the item. You’ll need this code for any later touch-ups and this way it will always be on-hand.

    Credits for the production of the pix and the text:

    Photography: Micky Hoyle; Production: Liezel Norval-Kruger; Words: Annette Klinger

    As seen in Plascon Spaces 9

  • 8 Comments to “Paint Effects”

    1. Rentia on

      Lovely room!

    2. Sally on

      Bright and beautiful. Vicki, do you know if Plascon does Spray Paints – the Mystic Tulip (I presume that’s the pink) is magical!

    3. Li on

      Fuchsia and grey – I love it!

    4. zillah on


    5. Mich on

      That pink is so hot against the grey, giving me ideas! Thanks for the clever tip about noting the paint colour/code on a piece of tape for future touch ups 🙂

    6. Brenda Finch on

      stunning would also be fab with yellow xx

    7. benita kursan on

      gorgeous vix! need to know – where does the lovely hat stand come from? xB

    8. Lauren on

      hi Vicki
      thanks for a great post! we’re tickled, erm, pink! 😉
      i saw that someone was asking about Plascon and spray paint. we do indeed make spray paint. it’s called Aerolak and it does come in HOT PINK too!
      happy painting…
      Lauren and the Plascon team

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