• I can’t believe we officially moved into our house a whole year ago!! Since then we’ve made some major changes, we have a semblance of a garden and we’re now onto phase two of plans for the place (no building – just finessing things we want to do and change next year). This is an article that was in House and Leisure a few months ago – the one thing that’s missing from the feature is the view which is the reason we bought the original house that we changed (scroll down past the story to see the view).



    On renovating: i can confirm : oh boy is it tough (and i take back all the eye rolling i did when people told us ‘if you can survive a renovation you can survive anything’) but luckily The Captain is serious about every, last detail being absolutely right and as a result the finished space works well for us and his girls – all i had to do was dress it! I’m grateful for the parties and long drawn out lunches we’ve had here this here and look forward to more playtime next year.

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    1. Vanessa on

      Well done Vicki. What a beautiful home. We are embarking on a major reno starting in Feb and I am very excited but extremely nervous. Will heed all your advice! We have an excellent architect and builder so I guess that’s half the battle won.

    2. Lynnsey on

      Wow! It’s lovely, and very inspiring – we’re planning our own renovation for next year.

    3. Lauren on

      Oh my goodness, it looks amazing! Well done on a brilliant job and congrats on the feature. How totally epic!

    4. coelho on

      Stunning home!

    5. Janine on

      Thanks for sharing and well done.

    6. Ashe on

      Absolutely love your home & how happy you & the Captain look! Inspires me no end – it’s going to be a long haul for me with my renovation this year but cannot wait! Thanks for the inspiration x

    7. Emma on

      I remember this article which at the time was extremely helpful with my first renovation which I have just completed (hallelujah). Thanks for the inspiration and practical tips! I would love to see more of these types of articles in magazines, and also with ‘before’ pictures so that folks with no experience and almost zero design talent can see the possibilities. What a lovely space you have created…

    8. Kathryn (Becoming you) on

      what a beautiful space…. congrats on surviving the renovations!

    9. cal on

      wow you look fabulosa there with the captain ifo your GOURGEOUS house!
      love the rubberfloor tiles in the kitchen, the black chairs in the lounge, the fabric nation blue fabric, that blue seat outside! thank-god you went with an all white kitchen with those pops of blue – that cupboard!

    10. iwantthat on

      Thanks for the lovely comments gals – good luck to those of you who will be renovating this year – Ashe i can’t wait to follow the process on your blog. Emma i’m thrilled you found the article useful. Haha Cal, your comment made me laugh – that cupboard is the oregon pine TV cabinet that every 80’s southern suburbs house had. I painted it in a coat of jade green whch wasn’t quite right so raced down to the paint shop and had them squirt more blue into the tin until the colour felt right. I love it and even though it’s not that practical as a grocery cupboard it still does the trick. V xx

    11. Colleen on

      That view is stunning – looking forward to seeing Phase 2

    12. StyleScoop on

      gorgeous home! I love the colours in your kitchen

    13. lou on

      omg! first of all – YOU and the CAPTAIN are just gorgeous. love the picture. you look so insanely happy together.
      now the home is breath taking. i love every single piece of it and would kill for such a lovely place. you did a superb job there! all thumbs up!

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