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    I’ve told you before just how happy cupboards and shelving make me – i have lost count of my Pinterest images saved with beautifully organised wardrobes and kitchen cupboards and how to organise your cupboards is a topic i love to write about at Good Housekeeping too. Towards the end of last year (yes, it’s taken me 6 months to write this post) i decided enough was enough – we were living with all of our groceries in a squashed and chaotic old TV cabinet and it was doing my head in! The shelves were minimal and the groceries were falling out when i opened it – i just couldn’t anymore!


    This is exhibit A (with Charley and I in the shot when she was teeny for good measure) – it used to be a TV cabinet years and years ago – i painted it one weekend when The Captain was away at a regatta and i couldn’t get hold of him to agree on a colour (well, that’s my story and i’m sticking to it!).

    Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 4.32.49 PM

    This is exhibit B – the broom cupboard or rather the ‘a-bomb-went-off-and-left-me-with-a-million-mops-brooms-and-buckets cupboard! Compared to the little green grocery cupboard the size was ridiculous and all that space was just being wasted, so we hatched a plan to turn this chaos into something much more effective.


    I’ve written about interiors for a bajillion years and i’ve always known that Eclipse, aside from being suppliers of cabinet hardware, chairs and tables, are also the suppliers to talk to when it comes to the most sorted kitchen spaces out there. They are also the leading suppliers of the world renowned Blum fittings in SA, which range from no-slam drawers and doors to seriously savvy solutions for drawers, cupboards and the evil corner kitchen cabinet which invariably becomes the junk cupboard in every home, doesn’t it?

    When we first moved into our home five years ago, a fancypants Blum kitchen larder unit was all i wanted – along with Orga Line inner dividing systems for our drawers (which are enough to make any would-be organiser weep). Obviously having spent 9 months building, these weren’t priorities (well, for The Captain anyway) and i put the thoughts on ice until last year when enough was enough!

    How it all worked:

    • Our amazing cupboard guy Gavin (mail me if you want his deets) was our go between for making my Eclipse Blum pantry dreams come true.

    •After checking out their catalogues online, i popped into the Eclipse showroom which is a veritable temple to beautiful kitchen design. This gave me an excellent idea of what i envisaged for this cupboard and for our kitchen in the future – i see sorted cupboards for days!

    • I sent measurements of the space (which Gavin came to double check), images of the Blum Space Tower i loved and a sketch of the cupboard with the shelf above.

    • Gavin and i argued about the fact that the electricity board would now be behind everything but i insisted that we would make it work. It is a pain to get to, but it is a very small price to pay for having a fab pantry!

    • Gavin ordered the relevant hardware from Eclipse – a custom (cut to size) Space Tower consisting of four pullout drawers. The drawers are designed to take up to 50kg so you can go to town in loading things up (which i did).

    • One of the major components of Blum drawers are Blumotion runners – probably the most trusted cupboard drawer runners in the world, i will never use substandard ones again – we did when we were building the kitchen initially and we’re currently having to replace each and every one since they’re all giving up the ghost.

    • It took Gavin and his guys approximately four hours to install my beaut new pantry cupboard – and i won’t lie, i spent the whole evening going back and forth opening the doors and pulling the drawers out, then pushing them back in – on repeat! I also spent a good 2-3 hours packing and repacking the shelves so that they made sense to me.

    And this is the result…


    So there it is – my pantry overhaul which has made me ridiculously happy!!

    Hope you like!

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    1. Tracy on

      Love it! So copying you! 🙂

    2. Rose McClement on

      love it – I agree about the DB Board – those are necessary, functional yet detestable space gobblers. Well done. And ENJOY

    3. Sharleen on

      Wow so much more practical

    4. Dhesh on

      It looks fantastic!

    5. Julie Gallagher on

      OH WOW! It looks amazing!

    6. Chloe Buckland on


    7. Cathi on

      Fantabulous Vicki!!!!! On Wei look how hot you looking…are you sure you are pretties cos I don’t see a tummy!!!!
      Big love xxx

    8. RedCat on

      Be still my beating (OCD) heart!
      Looks awesome- enjoy!

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