• Am i driving you all mad with my going on and on about order and display? Because it feels like it’s been the dominant theme for the week. I know why – my life is a little bit chaotic at the moment (breakins, no Internet, stolen phone, deadlines, blah blah) and i suppose i’m trying to establish a sense of order amongst all the craziness, so for me these kind of images are my happy place…and i guess a reminder that i really need a digital detox and some time out in nature..the photographs of curated found items were found in this lovely Etsy shop – love the name  Miles of Light 

    .see you on the flipside lovelies. V xx

  • 3 Comments to “Nature’s Order”

    1. Brenda Finch on

      loved the constructed and deconstruction of this xxx

    2. Sue on

      So simple and SO beautiful!

    3. Brenda Wardall on

      Just love these Vix – that feather one is my fav. xx

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