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    Hi lovelies! So…about a month or so ago, i went to the Two Oceans Marathon Expo to pick up my 1/2 marathon number (OK, maybe one day that will be me) but really i went to the expo to visit the Thule stand and pick up my spanking new Thule Urban Glide pram. It is beyond a thing of beauty – it is an on-and-off sports pram that dances over lumps and bumps in roads, that swirls over shiny mall floors and in between tricky shop aisles and that turns heads wherever we go.There’s a bit of a back story as to how we landed up with the fanciest pants pram on the market, so bear with me…

    Confession: our Thule UrbanGlide is our fourth pram! While i was very clear 3 years ago on what i wanted and needed for Charley Bird’s arrival, i was completely and utterly stuck on what pram to buy. I asked for advice on the blog, i trawled parenting sites for hours, i asked friends, i fought with The Captain who said “what’s wrong with a secondhand pram?” and i went around and round in circles. The first pram we bought sat in its box in the garage for a month. Eventually The Captain asked if i was ever going to unpack it at which point i burst into hormonal tears and told him i hated it. Talk about a brat. Cue another journey to the armpit of hell Baby City where we ended up with an amazing compact pram by one of the big brands. It’s served us brilliantly over the past few years – its compact and grows with your child. But it’s a pram that’s not designed for any offroad scenarios, believe me, i’ve tried. We’ve been soaked by a wave on the Muizenberg Catwalk (Charley was only 5 months at the time and she was utterly drenched, i still feel guilty about it and it goes without saying it didn’t survive the numerous seawater soakings), it’s got hopelessly stuck on the Alphen Green Belt and don’t even start me on how it handles on grass. Because it doesn’t. I once arranged to meet a friend at a (mostly grassy) market and i still get hot with embarrassment when i remember trying to manouevre over the grass with a sweaty, grizzly baby bouncing around in it.

    Since i was pregnant with Charley, my dream was always to have a running pram. I envisaged me and baby loping in the forest, on the beach, down the prom – you get the picture – me svelte after just a few months and baby, blissfully unaware of my sweaty self as i ran 6-minute kays. I tried once with Charley’s pram and it had a speed wobble and she nearly went flying into the traffic! So, running or speed walking was put on hold. For a long time.

    Then, before Ava was born, the dream resurfaced and i found a running pram on Gumtree from another big name brand. I was so excited that i drove an hour out of town and picked it up the day after i spotted it. The girl who sold it to me couldn’t quite remember how to collapse said pram (it had been in her garage for a few years) and i keep having to go onto Youtube to learn how to collapse it myself!


    Suburban bliss is real, people

    But then, everything changed. We got our spanking new Thule Urban Glide and really, everything changed in a huge way. The first outing was from our new house to the local coffee shop-cafe up the road. It’s the kind of place that’s crammed with riders every morning and i could see The Captain was so secretly stoked as the cyclist types eyed out his smallest fry’s vehicle.


    The seat reclines to a near flat position for on-the-go naps and there’s also an attachment for when they’re tiny and you want to keep them in a pebble 


    From then, i couldn’t wait to get out there. The Thule came to Stanford with us and i went on my first long run-walk-run with it. It was amazing – this sports stroller has some serious suspension, so Ava slept the whole way. It has an adjustable sun visor so you never have to worry about draping muslins and blankies over the pram when the sun is in the wrong angle and most importantly it’s really easy to run with. The Thule Urban Glide weighs 10kg but thanks to the rear suspension and amazing swivel front wheel, it really is a gliding situation – DESPITE my panty, plodding along the outskirts of Stanford ways. But more than the joy of actually getting out there was the brain space that the pram gave me, without having to pull seventeen muscles i didn’t know i had!

    There’s another bonus to the Thule Urban Glide, besides its brilliant good looks, spacious, waterproof storage capacity (i can fit in a small grocery shop plus two loads of baby gear), offroad capacity (am i going on a bit here?) – it takes kids up to 35kg! Which means its perfect for Ava Baby and for Charley Bird too – we are LOVING it!! Here are some more snapshots as to how the Urban Glide has wormed its way into our hearts…


    We live a block away from Tokai Forest now – the Thule’s arrival couldn’t have been better timed – five minutes and we’re out the door and under a canopy of trees 



    Seem to have lost a child somewhere 


    The Thule LOVES uneven surfaces like Hout Bay beach 



    Our bike shop filed the tyres so we won’t get flats – oh, and did i mention you can collapse this baby (the pram, not Ava) with one hand? Ava approves!

    Even my too-for-school stepdaughter Sarah, who is 14 has recently taken up running and joy of joys – she’s taken to taking the Thule (and Ava) with her – i must take some pix and will post on Insta!

    If i had any advice for parents to be – you need a pram that is going to make EVERYBODY happy and i really think  this is it. Its compact enough not to make you feel you need a trailer to transport the thing. It goes off and on road, it can handle running without  speed wobble – it grows with your child, it’s super light and there’s loads of space underneath for missioning to the shops or when you’re out. If you’re uhmming and aching over what to buy…trust me, the buck stops here, this baby has your name on it!

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    1. Kim on

      Great story! Gave me the giggles…………every new mum has experienced what you describe. A daily war with the pram!!! Have fun and keep breathing x

    2. Marisa de Bruyn on

      That looks awesome! I must say we also tried a cheap pram to start, but it just did not handle on our farm dirt roads. For baby # 2 we upgraded to a Dutch brand called Easywalker. What a revelation! It’s been a real win with light aluminium frame, inflatable tires and good suspension. Definitely worth the investment and I think the high-end prams have good resale value if you take care of them. I also have two second hand Maclaren fold up walkers for easy travelling with toddlers. Those are great to buy from Gumtree.

    3. shanon on

      Almost makes me want to fall pregnant just to own this pram but at age 66 I suppose it’s not going to happen …

    4. Wibke on

      It took me 10 months (and many frustrated runs with a non-running pram) after my first baby arrived to invest in a Thule Urban Glide, but it was the best investment ever. When we knew baby number two was on his way, we took the plunge and bought the double Thule as well, because the thought of not being able to use my Thule anymore was too much to bear. Running with a baby and toddler gets some stares, but the double pram is my saving grace – I get out the house and exercise, the kids enjoy it and we can fit a huge amount of grocery shopping in the bottom as well. Hands down the best pram!

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