• Hi lovelies! So, if you’ve been watching my Instagram or the blog’s Facebook page you will have seen that i just took part in a Blogger DIY challenge with Gumtree. It was so much fun and involved finding some bargains that had potential via the Gumtree app (which is brilliant, i might add) and giving them a new lease on life. Now i’ve said it many a time, i am NOT a brave DIY’er – but if it involves paint, i’m sold – so the pieces i bought on Gumtree all involved paint in some way and two of them were a little more involved.  I’m really happy with the results, but most importantly, so are the girls who have taken to their new rooms like proverbial ducks to water!

    Read about the whole process below and don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of this post where i announce the winner of the R2000 @home voucher



    DIY 1 & 2 Lamp Stand and Gold Wire Baskets

    Lamp stand – i found this at a clearance warehouse relatively close to my house. They had LOADS of stuff i could have walked away with but this lamp had my name on it. At the last minute i suggested they keep the shade and give me a discount. Bonus! I took it to Ploy at Hoi Ploy, my favourite lighting supplier, who i have worked with before and she set to work, adding some of her magic. The final detail was to dip paint the legs in gold and voila, there you go!


    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.06.23 PM

    Baskets – Chloé is a hoarder of note so she needed lots of storage. She also really wanted to keep things simple in her room (the irony) and loves a bit of vintage. My brief from her was pale, white, plants and gold so spraying these metal baskets gold was a no brainer. It took her all of 20 minutes and they were done!


    DIY 3

    Headboard – Upholstered headboards are expensive these days and i didn’t have much time to have one reupholstered anyway, so i knew i wanted a cane one. They’re so 80’s but i’ve seen some fabulous options painted up and i knew it would work. My first find fell through and i was gutted but then i set an alert on the Gumtree app to tell me when a double cane headboard came onto the site (and in my area since the first one was in Milnerton) and what do you know – someone in Fish Hoek had one and it was only R250! A coat of grey paint, and hello new headboard! This is in Sarah’s room. I would have loved to paint it a really bright colour but she was having none of it – she wanted a monochromatic colour scheme for her room, so a lick of grey paint for the headboard was on the cards and i like how it turned out.

    IMG_2452 This is the one that got away – before i set an alert



    DIY 3

    So i searched for a sidetable for Chloe on the Gumtree app for ages and nothing i liked came up – and nothing in my price range either – i’m a Bargain Betty people, i wanted something less than R150! BUT then i changed tack and searched for wooden boxes and LOADS of options popped up and kept popping up via my alerts. This box cost next to nothing and it took hardly any work to turn it into something that could work as a side table (and storage spot) for Chloé. The wheels are because what teenager doesn’t love to move their room around, right? They were really affordable and i bought them at Builder’s Warehouse.

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.13.09 PM Sarah (left) and Chloé (right) with the finished product which they both worked on

    So, there you have it, 4 easy peasy DIY’s using things i found over on Gumtree. My most expensive purchases were the lamp stand (R250) and the headboard (R250) – everything else cost between R20 and R100. I’ve used Gumtree loads before and The Captain is absolutely obsessed – Gumtree’ing is his favourite thing to do – from boats to bathroom fittings, he’s bought and sold it all on the site. The best part is that the app makes the whole process SO ridiculously simple to search, find and buy things that work for you.

    Here were my highlights using the Gumtree mobile app.

    • I could set area specific and product specific alerts so i could be one of the first in line for the items i was looking for

    • You can communicate with sellers via the app’s messaging service – i loved that!

    • It is ridiculously easy to upload your own picks for sales quickly and easily while planning your purchases

    Hope you enjoyed reading about the process and that you’ve been inspired to do some upcycling of your own! V xx


    Now…for the other important part…the WINNER of the R2000 voucher!!

    There were so many fantastic suggestions offered over on the I Want That Facebook page! I was so inspired to see what great ideas many of you had for the various items.

    Amanda Rose Wood Marcus – i loved so many of your ideas and it was clear we were on the same page for many of these projects. So you, yes YOU are the lucky winner!! I’m obviously away this week but your details are with the Gumtree team and they will contact you this week – CONGRATS and happy shopping!!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Wow so creative – I absolutely love the bedrooms – Well done – Congrats!

    2. Kimberley on

      Some fantastic ideas Vicky! Please carry on sharing the DIY goodness 🙂

    3. Cathi on

      After all that DIY you need a holiday!! Shout when back!! Love your makeover bedrooms!!!

    4. Amanda Marcus on

      Oh my GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! Best news EVER!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!

    5. Janet on


    6. Lalannie Knoll on

      You got that eye … to see the potential in something… love it!!

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