• Last week i had someone come in and build me a floor to ceiling cupboard with three doors and LOADS of space for storing all my styling and work paraphernalia. He also included a narrow pigeon hole shelving unit so i can have some things on display. During the December/January holidays i donated 15 years worth of interiors magazines to our library so i’ve only kept the mags i really really love – not even the ones with articles that i wrote – it was a purge of note.

    So, in keeping with what i’ve got planned for the weekend (i’ll take some pix after the big sort has been achieved), today’s post looks at what a great office needs.


    1. A great desk space

    I used to have a really long (7m) worktop in my old office and now i have a freestanding desk with four lovely deep drawers. Knowing my personality (messy), i’m hoping this will help me contain my stuff more successfully than i have in the past.

    The pic above is a desk without any drawers – to compensate, there are plenty of shelves and beautifully matching containers. I love the look but i know it would descend into utter chaos for me.


    2. Pinboard prettiness

    I’m a great believer in a pinboard and although i don’t change mine nearly often enough, i can’t imagine an office space without one. It’s  a way for me to pop those little bitty pieces of paper, packaging and business cards that catch my eye. I may not need them, but i sure as hell want them in my space.


    3. Space to be creative

    For some people this means a super-sorted craft station where they can make and stitch, for me, it’s more that i can access all my styling paraphernalia without turning everything upside down. If i can see what there is, i can get going on planning a shoot. For the past three years, i’ve had a few of those giant transparent plastic crates filled with stuff and i never know where anything is. Now, i’ll be able to see all my spraypaints, ribbons and papers and washi tapes, boxes of glues and scissors and cards without having to turn the office into a disaster zone (i live in hope).


    4. Decorative details

    I’m a firm believer that the home office is just like any other space in your home – one that deserves decorative love. Whether it’s a favourite framed print, a Wall Tattoo or a vase of fresh flowers, if you’re spending significant time in there, it should be an inviting space that inspires you.


    5. Good lighting and seating

    The Captain’s been doing his MBA for the past trillion two years so i gave him my fancy pants office chair and i’ve been using an Eames knockoff which i love. But i know it’s no good as a long term solution especially since i can easily sit at my desk for five hours at a time. Lighting is also essential if you’re spending long hours at your desk and working into the night. I discovered yesterday morning that we’d forgotten to put the blinds we’d so carefully removed for the renovation, back! So it’s impossible to sit at my desk in the mornings without being completely blinded by the sun!


    6. Stationery

    I’m pretty sure this point needs absolutely no explanation, right? Hands up who agrees NO office space is complete without copious amounts of beautiful pens, folders, notebooks, paperclips and desky things that you may not need but you certainly want, want, want!!

    Pic credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    PS. This post was inspired by another lovely office post on this great blog earlier this week

  • 3 Comments to “My 6 Musts for a Happy Home Office”

    1. Leigh-Ann on

      Swoon…. One day x

    2. Donyale on

      Love no. 1 but there’s far too much to play with… My home work space gets more decorating time and attention than any other area, partly because of your posts 🙂 and partly because I’m in constant search of that sublime balance between stimulation and concentration a.k.a. controlled chaos…

    3. Mich on

      Thanks for this well-timed post! I have been umming and aahing about how to rejuvenate my office and craft space and your six points will help smooth and inspire the planning for this much needed change 🙂

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