• Um…can someone tell me…have I been living under a rock?
    It’s been around for FORTY-THREE years for goodness sake!
    I El. Oh. Vee. LOVED it. Dustin Hoffman’s ‘coming of age’ during the movie (…can you hear the ‘in this coming of age drama’ voiceover?), saucy Ann Bancroft and the sexy Sixties interiors and fashion, oh and his low slung red Alfa Romeo Spider…methinks I’ll watch it one more time before I send it back. Thank you Pushplay for saving me from classic movie ignorance.

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    1. TINNY on

      Blinded by the sheer awesomeness!
      Anyone posting possibly the best scene in 60’s movie history a mere 5 hour after “going live” has set the bar high and obviously has some great content planned to dazzle.

      Your fans are expecting great things!
      Love Tin

    2. Suzie on

      You must read the Vanity Fair article on the making of/history of the movie… http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2008/03/graduate200803 … think I got a copy somewhere too

    3. iwantthat on

      Thanks luv – it’s that very article that sparked the interest and caused me to order the DVD – such a winner film! xx

    4. iwantthat on

      Ah…thank you Tin – what a lovely compliment..I have a few more Pearlers up my sleeve, so watch this space 😉 Hope to see you and your gorgeous family very soon. xx

    5. Gina on

      I was blown away by the film, so stylish and beautifully made. Also very architectural – incredibly current. How cute was Dustin Hoffman?

    6. Ged on

      Current indeed. Recent events in Northern Ireland come to mind. The First Minister’s wife, an MP herself wife was recently caught having an affair with a 19 year old. She is 60 plus and guess what her name is? Iris Robinson. Her husband has stepped down indefinitely and suddenly Northern Ireland is in political crisis, wih Sinn Fein moving in for the kill. Here’s to you Mrs Robinson!

      Great site V. This is clearly what you’re meant to be doing.

    7. iwantthat on

      Hey Ged..isn’t it funny?! I read about it on my daily vice http://www.dailymail.co.uk..skandaal!

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