• So most of you know i have a thing about work-from-home spaces and could look at images of gorgeous home office spaces for hours. I also love images of simple floral arrangements shot in unassuming home environments. So imagine how thrilled i was to discover a bunch of images via this lovely blog that combined both, hello?!! Then i did a Pinterest search and got lost for way too long…i think it may have been worth it though, take a look…


    So this person definitely feels the same way i do – they’ve taken things one step further with a wall of botanical prints


    Who said you don’t have enough space for flowers at your desk?


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    One of my favourite colour combos – gold and pink


    More one colour perfection


    Just blooming lovely!


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    Not so much flowers as plants but no less lovely


    Elegant and classy

    So, am i preaching to the converted?

    Do you love having flowers on or close to your desk?

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  • 6 Comments to “Monday Interior Inspiration”

    1. zillah on

      great ideas, thank you

    2. Yvonne on

      Love the gold & pink! All these pics are so inspirational!! Just want I need on a Monday morning 🙂

    3. Shirley on

      Ahhhh, it almost makes me want to work!

    4. Li on

      Gorgeous, I need some floral delight in my workspace!

    5. RedCat on


    6. Rose McClement on

      That image with the beautiful wooden desk and vintage goodies – yum that does it for me. But one that struck me when looking at these images, is the fact that most home office images seem to show that the person seated has their back ‘ unprotected’ – which is not good Feng Shui as far as I can recall. I was advised by a Feng Shui master to have my back to the wall for protection. Just saying …..

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