• Hello lovelies – my mouth is watering while i’m writing these post! It’s because just thinking about how delicious these amazing Mexican mielies are makes me want to go and make some now. We eat loads of mielies at home – Charley loves them (she calls them ‘mimi’s’) and to me they are ALL about summer. I cannot say it enough times, these are insanely delicious – they’re a fabulous treat for guests to tuck into before sitting down for lunch on a suitably hot summer’s day – and the Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce adds just the right amount of flavour and a little kick.


    I first came across Mexican corn about 18 years ago when i was backpacking through Central America. We spent four months living on $10 a day – and i have such brilliant memories of eating these on the side of the road in Oaxaca in Mexico – yum!!

    Mexican Corn With Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

    • Corn on the cob, snapped into 2’s, cooked and still warm but not piping hot

    • Dinner plate smeared with a thick layer of mayonnaise

    • Dinner plate topped with a thick layer of crumbled feta (one disc is enough for 6 corn halves)

    • Fresh limes cut into wedges

    • Chilli flakes (optional)

    • Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce


    • Roll the corn on the cob halves in mayonnaise, then in feta until well coated

    • Sprinkle with chilli flakes (i used a grinder that’s filled with chilli flakes)

    • Squeeze fresh lime wedges over your mielies

    • Sprinkle liberally with Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce

    PS. Serve with ice cold beer!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Sound absolutely delicious – will try it soon

    2. Shirley on

      I love tobasco.I can eat it with anything.would love to try it with corn

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