• Last week Weylandts celebrated their latest collaboration with Dutch furniture star Jan Linteloo with an out-of-this-world launch. I knew that Margot Janse from The Tasting Room fame was doing the food for her friend Jan but i had not idea that the event would be a combination of wonderful contemporary design  (The Captain has been lusting after a Linteloo wooden coffee table for as long as i’ve known him) and the most incredible food experience ever.


    On arrival we were given two woolly ‘bear’ sleeves – our ‘foraging gloves’. From there things escalated from interesting to extraordinary. A wooden tree with cones of food attached to its ‘branches’, birdhouses of ‘eggs’ – squid ink dusted delicacies, herb crusted pretties…the taste sensations bursting with each bite (i bit into a black ball and discovered it was a deep fried (still soft) quails egg)  Impossibly delicate cheese balls rolled in a ‘meadow’ of edible flowers. Oh, and let’s not forget the edible bark for enjoying with each of the balls. And did i mention that there were teeny tiny tubes of truffle paste too.




    I bumped into Lauren Shantall from Plascon who were one of the co-sponsors. Lauren was so excited about things, she dragged me by my woolly glove to the ‘feeding trough’. The ‘trough’ contained various coloured ‘soils’ which were studded with everything from glasses filled with buttermilk and Jerusalem artichoke soup to ones containing impossibly dainty beef-studded salads and sealed tins which when peeled  open revelead delicately salted rollmops. There were things to dip and nibble on at every turn. Oh and each and every ‘soil’ was entirely edible – the brown soil was cocoa-based, the yellow, lemon etc.


    Next was the cheese table and bread ‘tree’ – a construction of nails on which sweet and savoury breads with a biscotti/cantucci texture were suspended. Here, wheels of cheddar were being sliced into slivers not unlike curly kale while guests could help themselves from huge jars of homemade, fruity relish. It was incredible.




    (these ceramics are insanely well-priced by the way)



    All of this was happening while we foragers were let loose on the Weylandts showroom – drinking in the deliciousness of their displays and the new Linteloo sofa designs.


    This was the last surprise on the menu – a wall of spoons – each containing a sweet treat.

    A magical evening indeed! I guess that’s what happens when an international furniture design talent combines forces with one of the world’s best chefs!

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    1. engela du toit on

      o no I missed out big time – had to cancel for a school function – o man

    2. Christine Hall (aka MissChris) on

      For the first time I have seen something here that really does not appeal. Sorry!!!
      I must be getting old or something because that does not make my mouth water at all!!
      Do love the decor items though!

    3. Nitzi van Rensburg on

      Decor stunning, display of food: stunning!!

    4. Natalie on

      That looks absolutely amazing!! Wow!

    5. Paula on

      I love those blue-and-white ceramics, Vicki! That big bowl in the front is stunning!

    6. DINKI DILKS on


    7. Rench7 on

      Was a very special evening and so happy to have been a part of it! (beautiful post and photo’s).

    8. coelho on

      O Wow – amazing – innovative

    9. Lauren on

      what a super special evening it was! Liesel Norval Kruger is a super stylist ans even if you missed this night you can still go into store and see her beautiful work!

    10. Chloe on

      Looks like such an amazing experience Vix, totally up my street

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