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    Hi lovelies! I’m in a quandary – i don’t know how to solve our kitchen nook conundrum. It’s a sweet enough space with an old table that The Captain has had for yonks and a couple of chairs but we just aren’t using it. You can fit 2 more chairs at the table but it just looks weird. I’m starting to think some kind of an upholstered bench across the wall with the window in it and the two chairs on the outside of the table would look better. Or maybe just a bench with an upholstered seat and nothing else…i just don’t know.

    I went on a search and found some lovely kitchen nook ideas…and then i got waylaid and found loads of other cute nook ideas, take a look…



    So this light and white space really speaks to me..love all the white and the comfy cushions too


    Isn’t this a really clever way to maximise a pretty weird spot?


    This cute corner has been transformed into a hardworking home office, i like it!


    A sunsplashed corner is ideal for a window seat – this is what i would like for our kitchen nook – a comfy cushion for sitting on and lots of lovely soft cushions for leaning against


    Here’s another sweet home office space

    BoSthlm. Mäklare Isabelle Persson.

    And how cute is this corner of a bedroom?!


    This nook is just right and i’ve pinned it for reference when i sort out ours

    I love how kitchen nooks are coming back into play – they are such a part of the 70’s and 80’s – any advice you can share, me lovelies?

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  • 3 Comments to “Looking for Nook Ideas”

    1. Robyn on

      How about miniature kitchen nook for the girls to play in? Or another office space with a sliding door to the right? His and hers? What does it face onto if you are going to put a daybed into it? You could build a little bar zone for the captain?so many options!!! Good luck

    2. jane on

      How about a little 2-seater sofa, with a little rug. We have a small sofa in our dining/kitchen area and I love relaxing there at the end of the day, with a glass of wine, while my husband cooks supper. . . . .

    3. Lalannie on

      Definitely a small sofa with pillows under the window… but does mean that others can lounge while you cook away or the other way around 😉

      That bed would drive me crazy… how would one make it up?

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