• Hello lovelies, just popping in from babyland to say hello and to share this local artist’s beautiful oil paintings. Ordinarily i’m a seascapes gal through and through but Jenny’s landscapes really do it for me. I love their watercolour-esque dreaminess and of course that they’re of spaces, places and bountiful natural beauty  in Cape Town.









    I have no idea whether Jenny is a ‘name to know’ or not – all i know is that i’d love one of her pieces in our home – and i guess that’s what counts when it comes to art, right?

    For more of Jenny’s work – click here

  • 5 Comments to “Jenny Parsons’ Beaut Artwork”

    1. Fiona on

      love Jenny’s work. We have a few, lucky us.

    2. Lisa Fullstone on

      Love her work, saw these large format ones at in-fin-art and fell in love with them! Wanted to take money out my bond to buy it!

    3. iwantthat on

      Wow Fiona, i’m jealous!

    4. Farren on

      Oh my aching heart, simply breathtaking, now saving for one!

    5. Linzi Hill on

      How exquisite…will def keep an eye open for one of her pieces. Thanks for the headsup.

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