• Hello lovelies! Ok, so i promised a post on powder coating and here it is! Discovering powder coating had probably been one of our favourite elements of this renovation- probably because everything else cost so freaking much, and so many elements have really gone up in price over the past few years – discovering a way to make pretty without spending a fortune has just been such a pleasure!

    The powder coating principles: powder coating is lot like the painting process, except the ‘paint’ is a dry powder that is bonded to a product by an electrostatic charging process. OK, let’s be honest…who cares about the process?!! The results are pretty amazing and that’s enough for me! Powder coating is good for reviving metal – from old school hospital beds to scuffed stools and lockers (which i would love to do) and the like.

    Sadly, wood can’t be powder coated 🙁 I know, it’s very sad!

    What i love about powder coating besides the amazing transformative effect is that it is a seriously affordable process…well it certainly was with the powder coaters we found (details at the bottom of this post)

    These are the powder coating jobs we undertook

    We changed a stainless steel tap like this one to black



    It cost R35 to do!!

    Here’s another job we did


    We changed these red Tolix replicas..


    …to black for R40 each


    We redid this gas braai which The Captain found on Gumtree for a fraction of the price of a new one. The lid was all rusted and gross (sorry, forgot to take a before pic) and he just had it resprayed.

    Here are some more examples of how powder coating can look SO amazing on furniture items








    Pick a colour and powder coat, my friends!

    If you live in Cape Town, we used On-Time Powder Coaters to do our little makeovers, their number is 021 761 3679

  • 9 Comments to “#IWantThatReno The Power of Powder Coating”

    1. Sally Rutherford on

      This is a budget buster of note! Thanks for the inspiration and the contact deets – I have two rusty vintage veggie racks that are about to get a new lease on life…

    2. Lesley Cohen on

      Anybody know where to get powder coating done in Joburg??

    3. Johannie van As on

      Wow, game changer – thanks so much for sharing their details!

    4. Liz Black on

      I see a lot of powder coating in my future 🙂

    5. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Wow thank you for the interesting info!

    6. Diana on

      Do you think that a cast iron garden bench could be powder coated?

    7. Lalannie on

      Love this concept. Thank you for sharing.
      Powder coating brings life!!

    8. Carla on

      Love them! Where did you buy your sink mixer?

    9. Heidi Swart on

      I could just kiss you right now……I have so many diy projects and didnt know where to find powder coaters who would take on small jobs!!! I may just start a diy blog…lolz
      Thank you

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