• Hi Lovelies. So, i’m still internetless and phone reception-less and rather than focus on things i can’t control – like communication. I’m focusing on things i can control – like paint colours and finishes! Today i want to share a little upcycle we did of a cheap-as-chips table we found on Gumtree and which we’ve overhauled to be our new dining room table.

    This is what it looked like when we found it



    Here’s a bit of a back story about it…

    As i’ve mentioned before, The Captain is a Gumtree fiend and when we knew what we were looking at size wise for our dining room space in the new house, we knew it needed a big table. But…there was no budget. So, he put an alert on Gumtree looking for a big table at a bargain price and after a couple of weeks of more misses than hits, lo and freaking behold, something came up! Our new table belonged to a science lab at Stellenbosch University – its enormous (seats 14) and was rescued from the lab by someone who works there. She was selling it because it was too big for her space. It’s a really solid piece with a Sapele wood top and legs that had a bit of a ropy whitewash. We were in two minds whether to paint the legs solid white or grey….the top needed a good sand and a reseal but otherwise it was in really good nick!

    So with that in mind, i started looking at Pinterest to see what inspiration lay there and this is what i found…


    This is way too rustic for what i want but the colour combo is there


    Again, the white wood and black thing is there – i like the idea of solid white legs



    Matt varnish is a must for me – i love this wood finish – sapele goes quite a bit darker though


    OK, so here is where we are with le table


    The wood has come out darker than i had hoped but i think that’s just the nature of sapele – we decided to go solid white with the legs and the apron of the table in the end  – it felt like the simplest aesthetic solution


    The table has drawers in it which i love – so these need handles. I’ve kept the angles of these shots quite obscure since so much in the house is still not ready to be seen – you can see the ceiling in our outside lounge isn’t in yet in this pic

    Now for the chairs…i’m over the transparent chairs. I don’t hate them but i don’t love them! I’m pretty much sold on the idea of black chairs, i’m on a mission to see what’s out there.











  • 6 Comments to “#iwantthatreno Table Talk”

    1. Robyn on

      Maybe the craze is over but I still adore black tolix chairs. Decofurn have them for R499. I’m desperate to upgrade our dining chairs too!!!! It’s so annoying how chairs cost more than the table. My favourite place for handles is Masquerade in Franschhoek. Happy hunting can’t wait to see the final product!!!

    2. Colleen on

      Love the transformation – that top is stunning. I would use all odd chairs!

    3. Lois Wessels on

      Well done – really impressive transformation!

    4. Liz Black on

      Stunning as always! Really enjoying the reno series 🙂

    5. Chloe Buckland on

      Can’t believe it’s the same table I spilt wine on!!! It looks amazing, well done!

    6. Lalannie on

      Transformation is stunning!!

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