• Hi lovelies! I’m so glad i can share our little entrance hall with you – and hopefully provide some inspiration too. Our entrance hall is a sliver of a space and it was looking gross! We had a little marble-topped yellowwood table there which was sweet but not the look i’m wanting to go for and the colourful kelim we had there wasn’t working either. This is what the space looked like when we first went to look at our house…



    There’s a lot of brown vibes going down right here – where the wall does a return, we actually straightened it out so we could gain some space for Charley and Ava’s room on the other side

    Here’s where we are right now…



    The components…

    Obviously the main feature is the slimline metal server which i ordered from Simply Home and which i absolutely love!! It was nicely priced (you can take a look at them here) and there’s space for storage but its lean lines lends itself to being kept clear of clutter. If i needed some space i might pop a basket on the middle shelf but i tend to leave a basket on the floor and ask the kids to put their shoes in there rather than traipse dirt through the house.

    The Shelfie is from Airloom – i am mad about it and am very proud that mine was their first order! The round mirror, unassuming ash shelf and perfectly in-proportion size all work for me – a classic in the making.

    The rug is also from Airloom – it’s from their Inside Out range which means its waterproof which is great for muddy shoes and heavy traffic – it’s also very nicely priced (i bought it on sale for R300) and the pattern is so lovely and graphic.

    I found the coat stand on Gumtree for R250 – it doesn’t always look like that, in fact it’s usually completely overrun with bags and coats until The Captain gets a bee in his bonnet and empties it!

    The light fitting was cheap as chips from Eagle Lighting – it also comes in white and bronze

    You can see from this shot that we painted the wooden window frame and replaced the door and painted it white too – goodbye brown!!

    The floor throughout the house has also changed from hideous brown tiles to a really practical vinyl which i am mad about – it is seriously hard wearing and great value for money and we have had so many compliments on it. It’s also an Airloom product


    Just so you can see that it really is a teeny little space. The open space looks into our office and in time and when budget allows we will get a black industrial style window there to marry the lines of the server and the light.


    The parrot is a MrP buy from a few years ago – the bunny bowl was a gift from my friend Leigh-Anne who passed away – i find myself wanting to use and display the things she gave me more and more at the moment. I got the cages from my friend Chloe on the weekend (she is decluttering at the moment – score for me), the Delicious Monsters are from my garden and my friend Suzie gave me that Ngwenya vase for one of my birthdays in my twenties and i’m so proud its survived all this time and all my moves.


    Here’s from the outside looking in – we still have the original door handles at the moment – they’re seriously retro and ugly – I need to find a replacement for them and all the other hideous handles in the house – another thing on the list. The Hello sticker is from My Wall Tattoos – it was leftover from an order i placed of various hello stickers a few years ago

    So there you have it – an entrance hall that is small but has place for dumping stuff if you need to, performs a definite function and visually, i think its pretty clear what the zone is designed to ‘do’. It’s still a little plant heavy but i haven’t found exactly the mix of plants and decorative details i want for it – so air plants (from Stodels) and succulents it is!

    What do you think lovelies?

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    1. shanon on

      Well you sure have a way of converting plain to loveliness!

    2. Diane Smith on

      Such a clever use of space! And loads of personality in the mix too…..love it.

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So stylish and original – well done!

    4. Lalannie on

      Total makeover! You have such a good eye for details. Love the clean lines and modern take.

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