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    Did you have a good weekend? We spent the whole weekend working on our house – i unpacked boxes the whole of Saturday while The Captain worked on the garden and on Sunday i spent some of the day repacking our kitchen cupboards so that it all made more sense. I also chucked A LOT and i have a car boot full of boxes of books which i am taking to our local secondhand bookshop to sell.

    I thought i’d share my kitchen progress with you today. It’s been a long work in progress and i think it’s best to start at the beginning…

    Here’s what it looked like when we bought the house…


    This is the scullery looking into the main kitchen area


    This is where the island is now


    This wall was knocked down to incorporate a little study area to make our new office pod

    Hideous, huh? A rhapsody in orange and brown ugliness. There was pretty much nothing we wanted to keep in it. As with the rest of the living area and because we loved having an open plan space in our Muizenberg house, we knew that the walls had to go. We liked the size too but unlike Muizenberg, where we had open plan shelving, i really wanted to keep everything a lot neater and more seamless with cupboards.

    The Look & Feel

    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.50.26 AM

    As i’ve shared before with you on the blog i really wanted to cut down on visual clutter in our new home. This has meant getting rid of a lot of stuff we no longer used and streamlining our daily essentials a lot better. The fact that an entire box of plates was shattered in the move also forced my hand here 🙁 I wanted a far more grown up feel, i knew i wanted some glossy surfaces and large expanses of white. It all sounds a bit formulaic i know, but i feel like we’re drowning in visual clutter these days so its necessary.


    I love the idea of black cabinetry but i also plan on using the kitchen for shoots, and white is better for that purpose.

    To keep things from being too formulaic, i wanted to make the kitchen island a focal point. Initially i wanted Carrara Marble – i think i’ve told you how much i love this look…


    But…marble is not ideal in kitchens as acids like vinegar and lemon can corrode it and red wine can stain it, so i chose the next best solution…


    Phoenixstone in New Carrara!

    Phoenixstone is exclusive to Womag and its a really durable, manmade quartzstone composite. It looks amazing, is seriously luxurious, is scratch, chip and stain resistant and comes in a gazillion colours and finishes.

    I love the New Carrara we chose – it has a really subtle marble-look vein and even though i’ve opted for a more monochrome colour palette now, if colour creeps back in i know it will still look fabulous.


    The other option if you love this look is to opt for large format marble tiles which Womag also does – lovely for cladding the side of kitchen islands and to use as splashbacks too. This tile is called Bianco Angello – it’s 1metre wide and it’s on special!


    And of course if you want to go dramatic with a marble look, Womag can help – beautifully! This Phoenixstone is called Italian Beauty.

    Back to our space…

    This is the kitchen with the carcasses in and sans the New Carrara countertops

    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.42.59 AM

    And here’s a little sneak peek of the counter installed



    Other details i wanted to work with (and which i will reveal in the next kitchen update post):

    Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.43.22 AM

    The only thing i wanted to keep in the kitchen was the original Terrazzo floor in the scullery – and bar one cracked tile, it looks amazing.

    I know i said no floating shelves but the scullery needed something so we asked our kitchen cupboards maestro, Marke to install some oak shelves.

    To tie in with the black and white Deco Heritage tiles in the adjacent office pod, i wanted some other black details, including the pendants over the kitchen counter (originally i thought about copper but we settled on black), black kitchen stools and a black tap at the prep bowl which you can see above. i can’t wait to share with you  how it all looks together.

    So, there you have it lovelies! I’ve loved working with Womag on our kitchen – the most difficult thing was making a decision and sticking to it! Their prices worked out really well – and with the 25 year specials they’ve got on at the moment, its been possible to create our dream kitchen – i can’t wait to share the finished product with you.



  • 18 Comments to “#iwantthatreno Kitchen Update”

    1. Robyn on

      Where do you find black taps, I’m looking for some for my bathroom?

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Well done – great transformation!

    3. iwantthat on

      Robyn, i had them powder coated – cost me R35!! I’m writing a whole blog post on it. V xx

    4. Carine Muller on

      This is very inspiring Vicki. Especially since my house’s decor theme is pretty much Visual Clutter eish. I think the only way for me to do something about it is indeed the kitchen!

    5. Liz Black on

      It’s looking stunning! I hear you about clutter – I think you may have just inspired me to chuck a lot of stuff out 🙂

    6. Lisa Pienaar on

      Stunning! I’m looking for tiles similar to those black and white tiles. Do you mind telling us where you found them?

    7. Rose on

      such an enviable space. So looking forward to your further reveals. Lucky Fish you.

    8. RedCat on

      Looking fab!

    9. iwantthat on

      Hi @Lisa, the black and white tiles are also by Womag – they’re called Heritage Black. Hopefully they’re also on sale! V x

    10. Bevin le Roux on

      Looking Fab!

    11. Yvonne on

      Looking good, can’t wait for more reveals!!

    12. Sharleen on

      absolutely love it

    13. Lalannie on

      Beautiful. Clean and crisp.

    14. Cathi on

      Wowza vicki your kitchen is coming on amazingly!!! Nice… tres beautiful in fact!!!✨

    15. shanon on

      Chalk and Cheese!!! Got a shock when I saw first three pics as did not see the heading above “this is how it looked when we bought the house” and thought “ok this is the first thing I have seen in Vicki’s homes that I def do not like” but thenI read on and of course, you did not disappoint. It is BEAUTIFUL. What a pleasure to be in a kitchen like that.

    16. Zuzu on

      The black taps have definitely set a new trend love the special touch

    17. Pippa J on

      Loving your house updates!

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