• Hello hello me lovelies! How are you? It’s been a bit tricky to post updates on the renovation because as one corner starts to look great, then the other looks revolting and unfinished, so i’ve been in a bit of limbo, but lots has been happening behind the scenes, carpets, curtains, upholstery, cupboards…in between sick kids, me in hospital for five days, and my real life work its kind of made me wish i drank! At last though i can show you our kitchen – there are bits unfinished but i’ll show you those at the end and when they’re done, i can share those with you too!

    To get the lay of the land, what we were working with before – here is the before blog post that also explains the look and feel i wanted

    And here is a pic


    That’s A LOT of orange and brown!!

    Here’s where we are now…


    OK, so as i mentioned before in this post – the look i wanted was very simple, very streamlined, very clean – white, with touches of black and wood and some marble. I wanted the kitchen island to be the centrepiece and the look i wanted for this was Carrara marble but when i visited the Womag showroom i discovered that Carrara marble just doesn’t cut it in the kitchen environment – it gets stained and damaged by lemon juice, vinegar and wine and then your beauteous piece of marble that you’ve spent a small fortune on is kaput! So, they showed me a bunch of composite quartz stone options (they call it Phoenix Stone and it is 93% quartz and is super hardwearing and sophisticated, is so easy to keep clean and comes in a gajillion colours) and i’m thrilled to say they have a Carrara one…hooray!! It’s called New Carrara and OMG i am in love with it. It has the most subtle veins and picks up on both black and white so beautifully.

    Because once the house is finished i plan on using the kitchen for shoots and renting it out for shoots, i wanted to make sure we had a kitchen island that could be styled in a contemporary way and in a classic way too – and for me, the New Carrara finish is perfect!

    You can see the playroom in the background – it still needs doors on the cupboards and the steel sliding door in black, with glass panes still needs to come, but that might take a while, because…budget.


    I’m in love with my shiny kitchen island!

    Ok, now two cool little secrets to share. See our beautiful black kitchen mixer tap. i LOVE it, love it love it. Did i mention i love it?! Here’s the best part …if you shop around for black taps, they are freaking expensive (as in more than R3000!!!) So, what we did is buy one we liked that was also well priced and had it powder coated…the price to have it powder coated R35 my friends…THIRTY FIVE Rand!!

    We had ours done at On-Time Powder Coaters in Ottery (CT) and their number is 021 761 3679


    And if you remember our old kitchen, you’ll remember that we had red replica Tolix stools – not any more my lovelies, because those, we had powder coated black for R40 each – yip, FORTY Rand!!!


    A closer shot so you can see the veins of our stunning New Carrara Phoenix Stone from WOMAG


    To protect the countertops from excessive heat, i asked the chaps who installed the counters to slice some pieces for me which i could use on the counters and on our wooden table when we entertain – now i can take my New Carrara with me when we entertain!


    The floors are a wood-look vinyl tile – when i first mentioned to The Captain that i wanted to use this kind of flooring option, he said NO straight off the bat. But when i showed them to him, he was so impressed at how good looking they are, how durable they are, how nice they feel underfoot (NO clippety cloppety sound) and how well priced it ends up being if you’re covering a large area, that we went with them. I’m going to do a separate post on these oak-look floors but i wanted to share the pic with you here so you can see the kitchen look and feel.

    You can see in this pic that i’ve opted for more drawers than cupboards – i find them much more useful – they’re easier to access and keep track of your stuff. Also, if you look in the island, i had two skinny little drawers included – one is for knives and one is for spices. I also pared down our pots and saucepans to one drawer, frying pans and colanders to another and essential roasting dishes to the one on the far left.


    I’ve showed you our pantry cupboard makeover in our last home which i did with Eclipse over here. So when it came to this cupboard, i asked our amazing cabinet maker to pretty much do exactly the same as what had been done before. Its HUGE and i love it. The drawers are nice and wide and deep too and i’m glad that we have invested in the proper hardware from Eclipse so we can load the drawers and they won’t fall apart!


    These oak shelves are in the scullery. I think we should rather have gone with two but it’s too late now so instead of worrying about them not having enough space for tall things (which they don’t) i’ve used them to store things i don’t use everyday.


    I spent an hour whittling down my cookbook collection on the weekend – down to the books i really use and love. The cupboards below the counter are for recycling according to paper, plastic and metal.


    The scullery floor is probably the only thing we’ve actually kept from the original house (we literally have gutted this house from top to bottom). They’re original terrazzo and we managed to only break one during the reno and the crack in it doesn’t bother me in the slightest, in fact i quite like it. This isn’t a a great shot unfortunately, but i hope you can see it.


    The pendant lights were really reasonably priced (we found them at Eagle Lighting) and we mirrored the look with three of them suspended above the dining room table.

    So, that’s where we are with the kitchen. Still to happen:

    • i need to sort out the kitchen nook (not shown here)

    • as i mentioned, the playroom cupboard doors still need to happen so that will hopefully make things a bit more visually streamlined

    • the door between the playroom and the kitchen needs to happen

    A huge thanks to Womag for making our kitchen counters, the cornerstone of our kitchen, happen – i am thrilled with them and the entire process – from choosing the Phoenix Stone that would work for us, to ordering and finally, to installation was seamless! The counter came in the best price in its class when we compared quotes and i am thrilled with the finish!

  • 16 Comments to “#IWantThatReno Kitchen Update”

    1. Kim Richter on

      Absolutely stunning! I might have to copy you… A lot. X

    2. Sera on

      Looks great Vicki!

    3. Ute on

      Beautiful kitchen. Good work! Enjoy your new home.

    4. Tali on

      Looks great! I think you mentioned you’d do a post on the powder coating – can’t wait to get more details 🙂

    5. Liz Black on

      Wow! ‘Tis a thing of beauty. Well done!

    6. RedCat on

      Looks fantastic! Would you mind sharing the details of your powder coating contact. My other half wants black taps and the budget flat out refuses!!

    7. Sharleen Deacon on

      Wow it’s absolutely stunning!

    8. Suzanne on

      The kitchen is looking amazing.

      Could you share your contact for the powder coating?

    9. Lizel Roman on


    10. iwantthat on

      Hi Tali, yes i’m going to a separate post but have updated the post to include the info too. V x

    11. Colleen on

      What a transformation – stunning V can’t wait to see the rest of the house

    12. Lalannie on

      Magic, I tell you!!
      I want to powder coat everything!!

    13. iwantthat on

      Haha, that’s what we’ve been saying – if it’s metal it’s not safe in our home! Powder Coating for the win!

    14. Sheri on

      Love. I’m trying to do a similar modern look. Please could you tell me the height of you counters and the height beaten the counter to the top cupboards?

    15. Layla on

      Wow what a stunning kitchen!!!
      What kind of finish are the cabinet doors?

    16. iwantthat on

      Hi Layla, they’ve been sprayed with a satin finish.

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