• Hello lovelies! I’ve mentioned before that The Captain is a tidy pants and me…not so much! Can you imagine how sharing a home office is completely killing him? This is what the desk looked like on Monday – granted he’d dumped some of my stuff there so i would deal with it…


    So, no prizes for guessing which side of the desk is mine – a dog’s breakfast! I’m battling with my stuff – i always do.

    Things that need to be done:

    • Clad the wall in cork tiles – that way i can use the area below where the window will be for my to do’s

    • Close in the gap with the industrial style, black framed window – I’ve had a costing and it’s eyewateringly expensive so that will have to wait

    • Tidy up! At least this can be done pretty quickly – i also need to sort and pack the little side pedestal to make it more efficient.

    How nice are our Womag tiled floors though? I knew the second i spotted their Heritage Black tiles, that somewhere, somehow i would have them in our home – i love them.

    I’ve had a look online for some double desk/shared desk inspiration and there is a lot out there…


    For lovers of the minimalist look – this is beautiful don’t you think? Perfectly practical (lots of drawers) and enough space for two



    Some more minimalism


    This all whit his a bit bright for me but i really like how the exposed wall that’s used as a notice board – i think this would do The Captain’s head in


    Here’s that desk with the integrated pedestal again – i’m assuming it’s an IKEA piece

    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
    ooh, i love this home office – all those plants!


    This feels like a very ‘me’ space – can you tell that trying to be a minimalist is really not working so well?


    Black, white & green beauteousness


    I also really love this look  f5914d4d5ae83407085e438737efbfca

    And this one too!

    Have a Happy Day lovelies! V x

  • 4 Comments to “#iwantthatreno Home Office Update”

    1. Charlotte on

      creative minds are always messy!

    2. lisa on

      Love these … my hubby won’t let me share his home office so looking for ideas to work in our entrance hall …. something slim like these, ta! Happy day indeed.

    3. Ana on

      Some great inspiration there Vix. Love the wall colour in the 2nd last pic.
      I too battle with my stuff – constantly. As soon as some is tidied away, other things, almost immediately, magically appear to create mess and be dealt with – aargghhh.

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on

      My office looks considerably worse – need assistance!

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