• Good morning lovelies! I popped into Skinny la Minx yesterday to fetch the cutest smocks i’d had made by them for Charley and also to have a peek at the remaining Oddjects which owner designer Heather Moore has on display. Heather has been making her ceramic creations for the past year or so and many of them also perform a function as a weed pot. I absolutely love the notion of elevating weeds into something of beauty and value – and why not?! So, on that note, let’s celebrate everything from the weeds on the side of the road to the suurings that spring up in overgrown grass on our verges…what a great excuse to look out for pretty weeds on our next walk.

    Below are some of Heather’s other worldly oddjects as well as other vessels playing host to weeds…








    Wjhat do you think, could weeds work for you?

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    1. Janine on


    2. lameez on

      Wow.. so inspired, love it!

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      So simple and effective!

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