• Good morning lovelies!

    It’s great to be back on dry land after an incredible 9 days in the Seychelles. Wow. It was absolutely amazing and so good for the soul. So warm (32 degrees everyday) and really humid too (80% humidity) – we couldn’t have been to a more tropical setting if we tried. We sailed to hidden bays, famous, postcard-pretty and palm tree lined beaches and over a week or so, made our way from island to island. I swam with turtles and rays and tropical fish and longer than i ever have in warm waters given my insane paranoia of ‘men in grey suits’ as my friend Kim refers to them. I made wonderful new friends, drank my body weight in G&T’s, had my first ever extended digital detox and have a brain brimming with lots of new ideas and things i want to do. I’m taking this week slow but will soon have some new things to share with you on the blog. A HUGE thanks (and a very happy birthday) to the wonderful Mandy who produced such interesting posts in the week i was away – thanks Mands! I’m still VERY slowed up and am even still swaying after sleeping on a boat for more than a week, so to start my return into this here blog – here’s a selection of snaps from our holiday. I’ve left out people shots because i’m sure our fellow sailors don’t want their pix blabbed all over the blog.










    *Sigh* – a one in a million holiday but NOTHING could have beaten the feeling of holding our Charley Bird in my arms again. Nada. Have a happy day my lovelies.

  • 12 Comments to “I’m Back!”

    1. Cathi on

      How befrigging gorgeous are your photos!!! Absototally beautiful!!! LOVE!!

    2. Paballo on

      Welcome back.

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Stunning pics and Welcome Home!

    4. lameez on

      Good Morning & huge Welcome back wow pics are stunning what a beautifull opportunity and so much and relaxing time u had for urself 2 😀

    5. kim on

      Just perfect. x

    6. Gaelyn Cokayne on

      Oh wow that looks amazing, lucky girl!

    7. Alex on

      Not jelly at all, no no, not at all…! Vicks, what a dream! You are so lucky. xx

    8. Cindy on

      That looks amazing! So glad you had a good time.

    9. Rose McClement on

      Looks amazing – it is so out of the ordinary and I could only imagine it being good for the soul.

    10. Bevin le Roux on

      That’s was the yummiest tuna lunch!!

    11. Lisa on

      So so jealous … so so happy for you too, happiness away and at home again! #splendid! xxx

    12. Tarryn on

      That’s it! I’m off to the Seychelles! *slams laptop shut* *changes name* *lives off the land*

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