• Morning lovelies, i hope you’re well! It’s the middle of the week already – yay!!

    I’m loving weekends at the moment, mainly because i can sleep and sleep. Why, all the sleep you may ask? Well, (*insert dramatic pause*) , soon (ish) myself and The Captain will be welcoming a little person into the world! Yip, i’m 14 weeks pregnant – holy freaking moley!

    I’m still getting my head around it all and it’s been a bit of a roller coaster to be honest. Some of you may remember i was in hospital for a week before we left for our holiday. Well, part of the reason they kept me in there for so long was because they were worried about me losing the (then very new) pregnancy and as a precaution they put me onto enormous doses of meds to sort out my then-broken stomach and keep things cool on the Mama front. Well, the holiday was obviously the perfect thing for this little poppet that is growing inside of me because all the scans thus far have shown things to be on track!

    Since it’s still early days, not much has really changed in our lives (except i’ve gone up 2 freaking bra sizes!)  I’m pretty exhausted and veer between crazy fits of giggles and Medusa-style madness moments – The Captain is a brave soldier indeed! His girls are thrilled at the news and have been too cute – saying good night to the baby and eagerly awaiting any updates – according to the app i downloaded it’s now the size of an orange having graduated from a kumquat to a lime. Part of the reason we’re bashing things down at home and making space is for our impending little arrival which has timed things to be around our wedding anniversary – cute!

    So, i’m sure you can imagine, i’ve been having a few baby’s room decor moments. This is what’s currently on file….i love the idea of a grey palette with subtle pops of c olour but if i’m honest with myself, it will be colour, colour, colour all the way







    I’m in love with these honeycomb balls – i recently bought some from In Good Company and they’re so beautiful!

    PS. If you’re wondering whether this means there’ll be some kidlet stuff on the blog – well, that’s an affirmative. I Want That Kids has been in the pipeline for well over a year but timing and vairous other factors (like time) have prevented it happening. What i’m trying to figure out is whether it needs to be a completely separate platform or whether a post or two a week right here on I Want That is how it needs to work – i’d love any feedback on this question!

    PSS. If you’re wondering just what kind of baby is joining our crew – well, the pix above were likely clue enough – yes, it’s a pink baby!

    PSSS. Many of you have been patiently waiting to hear who’s won what in my Holiday Giveaway series – i’m busy with sorting out the winners and they’ll be announced in the next couple of days

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  • 71 Comments to “I Have News”

    1. zillah on

      THAT is good news!
      lots of joy

    2. Liz Feldman on

      Congratulations to you both. Enjoy the time and take photo’s for the future.

    3. Lelanie Slater on

      Congratulations Vicky. Hope it is a wonderful experience for you.

    4. Zaida on

      Congratulations! How fabulous… My little girl just turned 9, but I still feel like a new mom, lotsa love to your pink peanut!

    5. Karen on


    6. Jonelle on

      Awww what absolutely wonderful news!! Congratulations 🙂

    7. Caryn Hartmann on

      That is the best news ever Vicky. Many blessings to you all. x

    8. Lynn Giles on

      Congratulations! This pink baby is going to arrive in a very beautiful world. Great blog, thank you

    9. Suzanne on

      Congratulations! That is great news!

    10. Julie Gallagher on

      A huge congratulations! what a special time! enjoy xxx

    11. Imrah on

      Big congratulations!!

    12. Denise on

      Huge Congrats, Vicki

      Here’s to a whole new, magnificent chapter.


      Denise (Slabbert)

    13. Colleen on

      Congratualtions Vicky & the Captain – so happy for you all 🙂

    14. Johané on

      Congratulations Vicky and Co! Wonderful news.

    15. Tanya B on

      Holly molly! That is amazing news! I am very happy for you. I think ‘I want that’ can sure have a baby/kid section – everyone who is interested can have a pick there. I know I am going to be picking once in a while (planning, but not execting as yet 😉

    16. sarah wagner on

      Congratulations! Enjoy every moment!

    17. Lisa on

      That’s great news. Congratulations. Wishing you a smooth pregnancy and much love.

    18. Ria on

      If your passion for design and styling is anything to go by, this little she-person will be enjoying a redecorated room every so often, and will always be stimulated with new things to look at and enjoy.
      Maybe a few nautical items to make the Captain feel at home in his ventures into the room on the late night/early morning shift!

    19. Philippa on

      Been catching up on emails – so sorry for the belated posting but heartfelt congratulations! And from one pink Mum-of-Two to a pink Mum-to-Be – relish in the pink!!! May the rest of this stage in your life be swimmingly easy and hassle free 🙂

    20. Simone on

      Congrats lovely lady!

    21. Wendy on

      Congratulations … such exciting news.

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