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    The boat that sailed..without me on it

    Hi lovelies! So…my last post to you ten days ago was about how excited i was for Greece and how i just needed to get well enough to fly. Well, unfortunately that didn’t happen. By the time the morning came (we were due to fly in the afternoon) i was pretty certain i wasn’t going to be able to get on a plane and after discussing things with my specialist we came to the conclusion that i wasn’t going to manage the flight without there being some kind of a medical drama. So…i had to man up and send everyone on their way to my favourite place on earth. The Captain wanted to cancel the trip in its entirety but there was no way we could disappoint the children to that extent, so off they went. Lucky for them, when they arrived, they discovered their boat was upgraded and they ended up on a two-storey pleasure craft (!!)


    I wish i could tell you where this was but they’re not yet home to share stories of their adventures with me – looks amazing though!


    Apparently Charley Bird has declared most days pyjama days – and why not?

    The past two weeks have been a complete blur – i’ve been in and out of hospital a few times and i’m still not entirely sure what’s wrong with me – all we know is i have some kind of a lung infection and pneumonia, along with a Superbug that’s affecting my stomach. I’m taking a shedload of medication every day and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of it this week. I’m definitely starting to feel more human, i’m just floored by spasms in my lungs every few minutes which is freaking painful! I’ve missed everyone terribly but more so in the last few days as i’ve started to feel better – before that they could have been on the moon and i wouldn’t have known! It looks like The Captain and the kids and our friends Richard and Judy and their baby Sophia have had a ball and as i’ve said every time we’ve chatted – these memories The Captain is making with his girls, are priceless!


    For now, until we have conclusive results, i’m laying low at home – i’m hoping to start working from home in the next few days – i honestly have had zero energy to even open my computer, so it feels good not to feel so pap! Baby Steps for now.

    Thanks again to Mandy who has stepped up to the plate and kept things running on the blog! I’m going to post the giveaways that were meant to go live this week over the course of the next few days.

    PS. Thanks Rich for the pix!

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    1. Virginia Garnham on

      OMW Vicki, so sorry that you didn’t make your holiday and that you have been so unwell, really wishing you lots of strength and a speedy recovery, rest well xx

    2. Helen on

      I’m so so sorry to hear, I hope you get better soon!! xx

    3. soozi Morris on

      get well soon xxx

    4. Zahraa Minty on

      Sending love, light and blessings for healing XXX

    5. Yumnah on

      Awww hope you feel better soon!

    6. Lalannie on

      What a total bummer.
      Get well soon!!

    7. Ria on

      Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. I am sure another trip to Greece will be on the cards when you are well enough.

    8. Kim Richter on

      Sending so much love. Those are such gorgeous pictures… Shame my darling. XXXXX

    9. Rose McClement on

      Dear Vicki – OH My Word Dahl – so sorry that you have had to go through the mill with your health again. So brave of you to share online and I think that it is the energy of your bravery that carries you through it all. Whatever you do, don’t rush the healing process cos it is a process. In point of fact, the fact that you have had the space just to ‘ be weak’ without any external mommy pressures on you, could also look a little bit like a silver lining.
      I’m sure that your Captain must also be feeling the pain of being away from his beloved.
      Holding you in a loving and healing space. Sterkte dear Vicki – sterkte.

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