• Hello lovelies! So, last week was another write off for me – i landed up in hospital AGAIN – i had an allergic reaction to the ‘miracle’ treatment that was meant to put me on the path to recovery. I think i’ve spent more than 25 days in hospital this year, it’s ridiculous! Last week’s setback was a bit of a disaster as i was meant to present a Christmas table decor talk at our annual Good Housekeeping Very Merry function and had to hand things over as i wasn’t able to. I was devastated. Mandy was an absolute lifesaver and kept the blog fires burning with her posts – thanks Mands! So, i’m pretty sure you can understand i am SO happy to be going on holiday on Wednesday. We’re going to our favourite place – Stanford, for three weeks of country time and chilling. It’s been a long year and i cannot wait to do nothing – except blog here and there, go for morning walks with our Birdie, swims in the river and breakfasts and lunches at spots in and around the village.  In light of our upcoming country time – here are some images that evoke exactly where my mind is at…




    These three images from here tumblr_mg1h7drBlw1qld3aqo1_500





    The above images from here

    Take me away on holiday…

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    1. Rose on

      Good morning Vicki

      These images are fabulous. They really do evoke the relaxed and peaceful sensation of chill days. I am so sorry to hear that you have had a rough time of it. I hope for you and your family that the chill days in Stanford are restorative for you. ( Stanford – lucky fish!).
      Just a thank you from my side for your continuously fab blog and your commitment to it is an encouragement to me.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Fab pics. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday and a Special Festive Season to you and yours. I am sure that 2016 will be a healthy year and your hospital visits in 2015 a mere memory! Many thank for the interesting newsletters and remember the best is yet to come!

    3. Hazel on

      Vicki my wish for you is a happy, healthy 2016 filled with only love, joy, friendship, prosperity, good health, laughter and lots more of your fabulous blogging! HXH

    4. Vicki on

      Ah, what lovely messages – thank you SO much!! Hope my post didn’t sound too whiney – bring on the happy holidays for us all. Vxx

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