• Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? It’s been a while since i’ve sat down and blogged and after bumping into a friend last week who asked where the hell i’ve been and why i haven’t been blogging, i thought it was time i poke my head up and actually said hi and had a catch up. Shew, so where to start? I don’t have any monumental reason why i haven’t been blogging (you’ll see on my Insta i’m pretty busy over there) but life at the moment just seems to moving at a pace i find difficult to keep up with. Work is great, the family is great, i’m just battling to fit it all in. We had a little holiday to Durban a couple of weeks ago which felt wonderful to really connect with one another and we had so much fun with our friends and now we’re back to the grind – well for now-  i’m going on a girls’ holiday to Turkey ands am leaving THIS THURSDAY!!. It’s a sailing holiday where we won’t be lifting a finger, other than to flip open a tube of sun screen or to ask for another gin and tonic. I’m freaking out a little leaving the smalls behind (The Captain has a lot on his plate as it is but thank the Pope for their unbelievable nanny Pummie) but it’s been a long time planning and i’ve been saving and hustling with side gigs to make it happen, so soon i’ll be on a jet plane.

    I suppose one of the reasons i haven’t been blogging is because we’re deep in the tiredness-of-two-small-people trenches. Ava Baby DOES NOT sleep – AT ALL. Well, she sleeps until 12pm  and then from about 12.30 every night she starts up the engines – some nights she’s awake for hours at a time but at the moment she just wakes shrieking like a lunatic, wanting her dummy or us and then she passes out again. We both know it’s not for ever but jirra it’s bladdy tiring at the moment. We’ve decided to do some proper sleep training when i get back which i’m terrified about and we’re trialling some reflux meds which actually seem to be making a difference (cue deep guilt if she’s been suffering from silent reflux for 2 years!!)

    So…what about the blog? Well, i’m not sure where i am with it. I have an armful of half completed posts in my drafts and i really am missing connecting with you all – one of the things i pride about this blog is just how people engage with posts and it’s special. I’m very aware of the bare-it-all bloggers out there but it really isn’t my thing – beautiful things are, so aside from occasional posts like this and some home reveal stuff, i think i want to stay firmly within the lifestyle realm.

    Health wise i am much, much better since my transplant in January which quite literally changed my life. I’ve recently discovered i am deficient in a bunch of minerals which i was quite relieved to find because it’s apparently quite easy to sort and will mean i will get some energy back soon. I’m also counting on the Vitamin Sea in Turkey to be EXACTLY what the doctor ordered in terms of tiredness. The Captain and I have set a date night in stone again and that’s been so nice to go out and chat, chat, chat (no chats about kids or work allowed) – i highly recommend carving out that non negotiable space for yourselves if you don’t already. Oh, and last week i tried yoga for the first time and loved it – nearly fell asleep in the meditation part at the end – it’s in walking distance of our home which is fabulous!

    Speaking of home, we’re loving living in the burbs – seeing green is good for the soul, walking in the forest is a wonderful privilege and seeing our kids get out in nature every single day is exactly what we wanted for them. Please head over to my Instagram too if you want to keep up with some behind the scenes and to see how Charley Bird and Ava Baby are growing. Decor-wiseI’m on a tweaking things mission at the moment – the girls’ room needs a little more life in it, our office windows are coming in next week after a year and a half since we planned them. Oh, and our lounge is finished FINALLY (we couldn’t survive another winter without a fireplace so now it’s in), so i’m adding some touches here and there and then i’ll be ready to reveal that too. So there are bits and pieces happening.

    Maybe i should turn this post into a Things i Love post…yes? Here goes…see below.I love how much gorgeous stuff is available online! So, my picks of pretties are below…

    You already know that Airloom is my favourite flooring and rugs supplier – and after spotting their new Plush range of customisable (in size and shape) range, i’m smitten all over again. I love these two shades and they have plenty of others too.

    MRP Home just gets better and better – this pouffe is a winner don’t you think? It costs R900

    This beauty is from Willow Tree Designs and i’ve been ogling it for a few weeks now – imagine how excited i was to discover it’s been marked down from R1980 to R1180! Click here to buy

    I’m desperate for a new pair of black pants and these pleated cropped pants by Frida Clothing from The Space are exactly what i’m after! Shop them here for R500

    I really love the Lola Pullover Sweatshirt by Sitting Pretty – it’s marked down from R999 to R699 – it’s made from a hemp cotton blend – i love it. 

    Our table is a monster (its an old science lab table) and i love how big it is but we don’t have a tablecloth that fits it which means i’m after some placemats – these cut outs metallic placemats from MRP are cute! They’re R40 each.

    I am obsessed with storage – and the glass jar from H&M is a winner for me! I spotted them in smaller sizes too last week. This one costs R199.

    Man oh Man i LOVE these sandals from Cotton On! I spotted them on Superbalist this weekend – they’re R249

    I love a good piggy bank – and this one isn’t just good – it’s GREAT! Jeanne from The Detailsmith makes them (no two are the same) and they’ll set you back a cool R550 – contact her over on her Insta page

    So that’s where things are with us, i hope you’re all great and happy and that you have a wonderful start to the week. V xx

  • 11 Comments to “Hello & Where Have i Been?”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love the pics missed your blogs. Bon Voyage for your fantabulous holiday in Turkey. May I offer my services as your porter?

    2. Shannon on

      Welcome back but also bon voyage for Turkey! Wondering what you are going to store in that H&M jar ….. lots n lots of cookies? Love that Willow handbag; contemplating it…

    3. Tanya Townshend on

      Oh man, I feel your pain on the sleep deprivation front. Our Harry was not a sleeper for the first few years of his life and I felt like I was underwater, wading through honey. I felt weird, basically! Shredded my tyre going to close to the pavement and just could not function on all cylinders. It’s tortuous but does end. Enjoy every moment of your time in Turkey – you deserve it. What bliss!!

    4. Lesley on

      Really missed you!

    5. Nicci Giles on

      Glad to have you back dahhhrling

    6. Ria Bom on

      Glad to hear you are well,we missed you! !!
      Happy sailing and looking forward to lots of “want thats” when you get back.

    7. kery on

      Have an amazing trip, you deserve the down time and great to hear that you are so much better…

    8. Kathy on

      Happy travels Vicki!

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    10. Michelle Hill on

      Have a wonderful time in Turkey .. you’ll probably want to sleep most of the time The sea and sun and time with your friends will revive you. I did the sleep training thing with my son (now 22 ) and it changed my life . He was also a happier baby. Good luck – it’s tough for a few days but so worth it .

    11. Natalie Higgins on

      Love your blog! Miss seeing you at school.


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