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    Hi lovelies. I know, it’s been an age – a month, actually! Mandy has been a Trojan in keeping the blog ticking along while i have been…well, flopping around in bed. As many of you know i’ve been battling some health stuff for the past few years and i don’t seem to be getting anywhere – after a particularly bad flu at the beginning of September…i took to my bed. I spent a week doing absolutely nothing and sweating from fever and then started working from bed and that’s where i’ve been for the past two weeks. I’m having more tests this week to try and get to the bottom of why i keep catching every virus known to man and why my Crohns is just not getting under control and hopefully we’ll have a clearer path in a few days time. I’m kinda over it it all!

    So…the blog has suffered a bit and i’m sorry about that – thank goodness for and THANK YOU to Mandy for seamlessly stepping in. I’m not sure what i’d do without you, Mands.

    I have some plans afoot – a new design is looong overdue, some new focus is needed and i have a bunch of reno posts waiting in the wings too. I also have a new little business in the offing – completely related to I Want That of course – and in the interiors realm.


    Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.11.01 AM

    But first i’m going to take a break. We’re leaving for Greece this Wednesday  – for a family and friends sailing holiday that starts in Corfu – we’re leaving Ava Baby behind (sob!) which isn’t going to be easy but small babies-about-to-walk and boats are not a good mix and i’m hoping the next ten days and a much needed digital detox will be just the tonic that’s needed. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect…

    • A mashup featuring the latest Cinnamon Shoes Collection PLUS a giveaway from them

    • News about the Spring relaunch of one of my favourite local shopping centres PLUS a beautiful jewellery giveaway from one of the stores there

    • A stationery and decor giveaway from A Love Supreme

    • A Lou Harvey beach bag giveaway

    • A Ruff Tung beach kaftan giveaway

    That should keep you all going while i am away – Mandy will also be on the blog to keep you all company and in the loop as to what is happening in the world around us)

    V xx


    PS. The beaut pic at the top of this post is from local photographer CGS Creative 

  • 5 Comments to “Hello & a Check In”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Bon voyage and happy landings. Best wishes for a speedy recovery too!

    2. Sharleen Deacon on

      Have a lovely break and relax

    3. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Wishing you a blissful break & and the infusion of wellbeing that you need.

      Thank you for leaving us in Mandy’s wonderful care, she is always fun & fabulous ! :))


    4. Lalannie on

      Enjoy your break. Sunshine and a holiday is the perfect cure.

    5. kerry on

      Have an amazing time away….just what the doctor ordered… May you come home refreshed!!!

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