• Morning lovelies, hope you’re having a good week. I’m absolutely exhausted and feel like the weekend can’t come soon enough – so much to do before then though.

    In the meantime here are some delicious images of a lovely home as well as an interview with its owner Christine…i think this might be the start of a series where i speak to people and bloggers about their homes…tell me what you think?












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    My blog is called

    The name means FurnitureMob. It was actually my husband who came up with the name of the blog! Since I love turning old, retro furnitures into unike pieces, he thought that was a good idea- and so did I!

    How you would describe your style?
    A great mix of vintage and new. Mostly vintage, but because of the “new” colors I add into the interior and furnitures I don`t get the feeling of and “old home”. I love the history that comes with it, and it’s my inherited furnitures I appreciate the most.

    What brought you to blogging?
    I started reading interior blogs four years ago, and I had a couple of favourites who gave me a lot of inspiration at the time. Since we where about to renovate our home, and I had a lot of ideas i wanted to share, I started blogging a year later.

    What do you love about it?
    I love to practice my passion for photograpy, and I also like to think this is my diary in pictures throughout the renovation of the house.

    I’ve come across some really sweet people through blogging these past three years! Tone is one of them, and we’re opening a store together in August.I’m selling vintage-furnitures with a MøbelPøbel-twist, and she is making/selling the most beautiful paintings and pillows.

    I get tons of inspiration through blogging, and all the sweet comments make me want to keep going for a long time!

    Describe your passion for vintage – where do you find the beautiful pieces
    you have in your home?

    For as long as I can remember I`ve had a crush on vintage. The quality, the making of if, the unikeness..But I also like to put my own touch on it, so colours and paint  is a huge hobby.

    I usually find vintage furnitures at Salvation Army-stores and fleamarkets. Many of my pieces is also inherited. Vintage that was supposed to go to the landfill before I “saved them” and fixed them up.

    Thanks Christine, i love your home and that minty green desk is to die for!

  • 9 Comments to “Christine’s Happy Home”

    1. Catherine Knox on

      Okay, this is IT. I am DEFINITELY going to paint everything white.

    2. Brenda Wardall on

      Such a lovely airy space – makes me happy just looking at it x

    3. Leigh-Ann on

      She has my kitchen…… I want that…..

    4. Sally on

      Nice to read her comments and see the pix – think you should definitely make this a regular, Vicki

    5. Yvonne on

      Great idea!! Love to see more real homes and read about the owers 🙂

    6. Rachel on

      I do like the idea of seeing and hearing about ‘real’ homes. Go for it!

    7. Li on

      I love her style – fresh and lovely

    8. Gillian Fuller on

      I also think that is a great idea! From my own point of view I would love to supply glimpses as opposed to the ‘grand tour’!!

    9. Cathy on

      I love the green floral wallpaper and the use of washi tape to inject colour. What a gorgeous home!!!

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