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    Good morning lovelies!! I hope you’re all well and if you’re still on holiday – having a wonderful break and if you’re not, that you’re easing into work without too much stress. I’m back at work today – there was no way i could start my new year on a Monday. I’ve really enjoyed some serious downtime with The Captain and our family of girls as well as wonderful (and long overdue) catch ups with good friends too. It was good to have something of a digital detox and the time gave me some time to think about what i want for myself this year. This post is about plans i have for the year. Some of the things have been brewing for a while, some The Captain and i only discussed last night.


    Shew, i learned that the hard way last year!! Having spent more nights in hospital than i ever could have imagined and having had more operations and complications than anyone could have predicted – good health is my number 1 priority this year. Once we hit Stanford on the 15th i totally rebelled against my frankly, crappy, year with too many gin and tonics and Champagne and rich food but i’m back on the straight and narrow and i’m feeling a lot better for it. I also upgraded my medical aid and have stocked up on a shedload of vitamins and i start new treatment for my autoimmune disease in a few weeks. So my quest for this year is good health über alles.


    I’ve written about my foray into this field before but it’s never been more relevant than now. Too many studies are showing how nutrition is key to good health and happiness and having had the time to seek out and enjoy delicious ingredients and meals this holiday, The Captain and i are on a mission. I’ve actually just finished a bowl of the most delicious mussel pot that he made – delicious!! I’ve had a good look at our spanking new pantry cupboard and have chucked out all most of the junk and there will be a whole lot more whole foods in our diet this year. It really helps that one of The Captain’s girls is now a vegetarian, so getting creative with her dietary preferences in mind will be a priority this year. Also, i’m finding the Facebook memes of how animals are treated before slaughter really gross and upsetting, so there will definitely be more greens and veggies on our horizon this year.

    3. 5:2

    I read a great book this holiday called 5:2 Your Life. The 5:2 concept isn’t new and has been mostly known because many people now follow the 5: 2 eating principle – eating clean for 5 days of the week and allowing yourself indulgences for 2 of those days. The book examines other key areas of life and shows you ways to apply 7-step plans of focus and folly on areas such as fitness, relationships, productivity and screen time. To start, The Captain and i have agreed to have two screen free nights a week – i have to be honest, i’m rather terrified!!  This brings me to my next post.


    Ok, so i am still a Facebook fiend and haven’t yet followed a friend’s advice to delete the app off my phone, thus limiting the constant checking BUT i really did thoroughly enjoy being offline a lot more than usual and on my laptop less over the past few weeks. I did feel a bit anxious that i hadn’t prepped any posts for the latter part of December but i figured most people would want a digital detox themselves. So…my plan involves possibly blogging less – not necessarily 9-10 posts a week as i’ve been doing for the past few year but hopefully providing more quality. As Charley gets older i’m also loving the downtime i spend with her and i really want to maximise this – this means weekends are strictly a no go zone for digital endeavours.


    I have a few design changes up my sleeve for the first quarter of this year – nothing major, just a refresh. And i’ll be formalising the kids part of the blog with a proper menu bar etc. I also have a great DIY series planned and some more personal posts too. Someone mentioned they want to see more recipes and since we’re on a cooking mission – that can certainly be done.


    This holiday really made me realise how little we’d seen our family and friends these past six months and how we loved reconnecting with people. We’ve also loved having QT with the girls and especially in Stanford, where everything slows down and you can really enjoy life. So this year, we’ll be spending a lot more time there and we’ll be entertaining more too. Also…on the subject of quality time, i read such a great article about being a fun Mom and i really want the afternoons that i spend with Charley after work to be interesting and fun for both of us, so i’ve started a list of cool things to do with her – even if its just a paddle in some rock pools – feel free to add some ideas of your own below.


    Hoo boy! This is a plan for 2016 that i’m frankly terrified of! I’ve charged up my Fitbit and The Captain gave me some running shoes for Christmas, now all i need to do is get up and go! In the past i’ve prided myself on my fitness – i’ve run races, i’ve competed in sports on a provincial level and i’m a keen swimmer. But the past 3 (or is it 4?) years…what a shocker!! Can you say sloth? So…i’m looking into joining a local running club that has a beginners 0-10km course and lets hope and pray it gets me back into a regular exercise state of mind.


    While we were away, friends stayed in our house so i had to get everything sorted for their stay. I am ashamed at my hoarding behaviour. We’ve lived in our home for 5 years – you’d swear it was 50 from the amount of stuff i unearthed. Towels i had no idea we owned, clothes i haven’t seen or worn for years and enough Typo products in my present cupboard to start a shop! So…from my bedside table to my office, our bookshelves, junk drawer in the kitchen and my office styling cupboard, the Big Sort is on!! I’ll keep you posted as i finish tasks – some i started last year and i’m looking forward to sharing.


    I’m never going to be one of those ‘i bought nothing for a year’ case studies but having done a sort and tidy of Charley’s toys, i’m shocked at how much unneccassary stuff she has – especially since her favourite toys reside in my Tupperware drawer. As much as i love beautiful things and as much as i totally plan to share my latest wishlist with you this week, i’m really over wasting money just because – it’s just gross. We decided (with the girls’ approval) that Christmas for 2016 will involve a stocking each – no more rampant spending and there will definitely be a charitable something attached to it.


    Following on what i said above – this is my year to sort out my saving habits. I’m going into the bank this week to start a unit trust account for both myself and our housekeeper Pummie – she has inspired me so much, saving everything she earns from extra babysitting money when she looks after Charley and locking it away in a fixed deposit.

    10. I NEED TO READ

    Confession: until this holiday i hadn’t read a book in over a year! I used to be a voracious reader – a book a week and often two. Until – blogging and baby took over my life. I always used to say my life ‘felt right’ when i had a book on the go and out of kilter when it didn’t, so reading is definitely back on the cards. I read Wild on the weekend – it’s a great read and i’m looking forward to watching the movie too. Any good books you can recommend?

    So…now that i have spat some of my plans and resolutions for the year at you, please dear lovelies, tell me what your plans are – and HOW have you gone about achieving more balance and contenment in your lives?

    Here’s to a wonderful 2016 for each and every one of you! V xx

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  • 9 Comments to “Happy 2016!”

    1. Samantha on

      I’ve decided that this year I need to be more organised with regards to meal planning and preparation in order to not be rushing around until bedtime…oh and then there is the 5km running challenge…run it without stopping!

      That’s the plan anyway!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Thank you for the inspirational email. My aim is also to be healthy this year and have just finished reading ‘Life Code’ by Dr. Phil McGraw most

    3. Vicki on

      Thanks Sam – i definitely need to focus on planning meals better this year and Lois – sending you the very best for a VERY healthy year, i know you had a tough one last year. V xx

    4. Kerry on

      Books to read:

      Brain Maker by D Perlmutter
      Sapiens by YN Harari
      Daring Greatly by B Brown

      Little Paris Bookshop

      Just a few to keep you going 🙂

    5. iwantthat on

      Wonderful, thanks Kerry!!

    6. lameez on

      Good Morning , healthy , more fam &quality time , Save more ect. Ur post inspire me more and Happy New Year to and ur fam 🙂

    7. Colleen on

      Thanks V – Ditto to all 10 & to remain positive – no negative vibes! 2016 is going to be a good year.

    8. Nicci on

      Vix – You put it all into words so very well. Thanks for helping to clarify my thinking. I am pleased I have a few quiet days at home with no interruptions so I can try and put some of my plans into action, before the madness of real life starts in earnest.

    9. Cathi on

      Happy happy new year Vickerella to you and family!! Our year started off kakka with a break in so it feels a little harder in getting into the groove . BUT nevertheless a new year always makes me feel inspired and excited so on my list is… Spend more time in the veggie garden, read more – (am reading Big Magic out loud to Ian in bed at the mo which is an inspiring read !) and defs spend more time with friends and family… Because the little things in life are NB !! Hope your year is going to be healthy and totes filled with happiness okay bye

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