• Hi lovelies! As i mentioned last week, it’s been a slow start to the year and i’ve been happy to keep it that way. A combination of going back to work, getting into a routine with not one but two children and getting my own life plans in order has taken a little getting used to and it’s been good not to put too much pressure on myself. There’s been quite a bit of admin i’ve let slip in the past few months, from tax to insurance claims (my car bumper had a run in with a garage wall!) and the inevitable life stuff that just happens – shew, people, i’m sure you agree, adulting isn’t always sunshine and roses, is it?! Something that The Captain and i have been speaking about a lot over the past few weeks is finding something to sink our teeth into that isn’t about us – we’ve been so taken with how community focused so many people we know are, and we’re acutely aware that in our beloved country, every little bit of effort and money counts.

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    While we’re looking for something where we can spend some time actually getting engaged in making a difference, i’m so glad that there are ways to be involved on a passive level too. I know that smacks of privilege, but what i mean is that by spending five minutes on a little admin and signing up for a MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet card, you’re already on your way to getting involved! I think of it as plugging any leaks that could do good – kind of like always having my SmartShopper card on me when i go to Pick n Pay and linking my Discovery card to my Woolies grocery shopping so that i get cash back for healthy food purchases – always having your MySchool card on you and swiping it whenever you can plugs a hole for any pennies that could do good.

    So…if you’re wanting to get your ducks in a row too, i really want to encourage you to sign up with My School and make a difference in 2017 and beyond. My School offers you three choices of giving back:

    • Nominate a charity

    • Nominate a school

    • Choose a charity and a school

    Every single time you swipe your card, a portion of your purchase goes to your nominees – see, by spending a couple of minutes signing up, you’re making a difference already! Did you know? Last year MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet raised an astonishing R70,319,673.21!!

    Their focus is on three areas – animals, children and charities and you can choose exactly where your shekels go when you sign up.

    Where your MySchool, MyVillage, MyPlanet card counts

    There are plenty of retailers involved in this amazing intitiative – these include Woolworths, Waltons, Engen Foodstops, Flight Centres and online retailer www.loot.co.za – if you shop online, don’t forget to include your details and of course if you’re making a physical purchase, just a swipe will do!

    Last year, MySchool asked me to get involved in a #MySchoolGiving campaign where they gave R2500 to a charity of our choice. Although i already support another amazing school feeding organisation this was a fabulous chance to give even more – thanks MySchool!


    I chose Project Dignity – a charity that works to provide sanitary wear for girl learners so they don’t have to miss school when they have their period.



    Need a MySchool card?

    Click here to apply – it’s a really quick process and if you have any questions, the team are really efficient in answering them quickly.

    Already have a MySchool card? What is your charity of choice and what do you love about them?



    • This is a sponsored post but i’m getting involved because i really think that the MySchool, MyVillage and MyPlanet are doing great things! Every single swipe you make counts!!

  • 3 Comments to “Getting Myself Sorted with MySchool”

    1. Lalannie on

      My friend wanted us to sign up for this MySchool as a birthday gift about 5 years ago with her chosen beneficiary. To date, I am still using this card and have since added my own beneficiary. However, this is a gift that is still giving 5 years on. Really love this initiative.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Been part of this awesome cause for many years – such a painless manner
      to contribute to charity

    3. Jacci Hall on

      You can also link your Makro card to a school for fundraising. My kids are long out of school, but every time I shop (which is often) I’m helping in a small way.

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