• Hello lovelies, are you well? Sorry about my absence last week – we left for Stanford on Thursday and i had my head down with work and didn’t have a chance to post any blog posts for the last two days if the week. We’ve been having SUCH a chilled time down here – sleeping when Charley sleeps, walks twice a day, lovely dinners wth friends who are also down this side of the Overberg for the holidays and even plenty of cooking using veggies from the garden. I made the most delicious Melanzana Parmigiana the other night using baby aubergines and yesterday i cooked a huge veggie and coconut cream curry. It feels so good to empty my brain and keep things super simple. The older girls have friends with them and they’ve been vegging and going for walks and playing Monopoly. The Captain is desperate to get onto his boat and onto the river and we’re all steering clear of him – the weather has been cold! Charley is obsessed with the boat so i’m sure we’ll go for a ride this evening. We’ll be down here until Easter Monday – a whole more week of chilling, yay!  When it comes to Easter, we don’t really celebrate things traditionally but it doesn’t mean i don’t like checking out table setting ideas and Easter DIY’s…take a look


    I quite like the idea of a neutral Easter table setting


    I love a grey table cloth – you don’t often see them and it makes white tableware pop so nicely


    A sweet Easter table setting with suble  touches


    if you’re feeling crafty you could always try your hand at a little banner like this one


    Or even a pinata for mini Easter eggs (click here for the how to)


    I do love the look and feel of this pic – again, a neutral background with pretty pastel touches


    Maybe even adding succulents and proteas to the mix would make it extra special

    Styling Anka Rehbock
    I LOVE this image and i think if i were to decorate an Easter table, i’d fill little jars with a mix of garden blooms and flowers picked on walks


    Jars are so great for gifts and especially for sweet ones. Click here for the how to for this painted DIY.

    I’d love to hear how you celebrate Easter – what you cook and what rituals you have?

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    1. lameez on

      Good morning, stunning easter goodies with style and fun 🙂 No cooking this easter ,we are invite to my inlaws for the easter weekend. Hav a blessed easter and happy holidays!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on


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