• Hi lovelies! So, i’m becoming a bit of a secondhand furniture bargain buying freak – feeding your baby 12 times a day will do that to you – my web time has increased and not necessarily in a good way! On my mind at the moment? Pieces designed for one purpose and used for another – i pretty much have no need for anything more but…aaargh…it’s an affliction, work with me here! Anyway, if this is something that works for you, take a look at these cool ideas.


    Plant stand used as a bedside table? How cool is that?!


    Ok, so what are the chances that this ladder would ever be able to hold someone’s weight, but as a storage option for towels and other necessities? Well, that i can do! img_2999-550x825

    Here’s another lovely ladder – i likey!


    I’m a fan of repurposing old doors and old window spaces into practical and pretty spaces for storage and display – if you’re renovating don’t be too quick to close these in


    A sweet little stool as a side table? Tick!


    And if you’re a shortie like me, a little step stool is perfect as a side table in a smallish space or a guestroom – oh dear, it’s back to Gumtree to look for step stools!

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on


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      Amazing ideas, we are moving and second-hand is what I lookout for love it

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