• If today is a Monday where life just feels a little bit too much, maybe you should indulge in some armchair travel. And if an escape to a cabin (albeit an uber stylish, utterly contemporary cabin) on its own private island and right on the water is something that might work for you, then take a look at these glorious images and be envious of the people who are likely enjoying its beauty and perfection right this very minute! Sattelite Island is situated off Tasmania and has until recent years been uninhabited – now it plays host to this perfect cabin where you can play Castaway and while away your days staring out to sea, kayakking, walking and revelling in the quite astonishing natural beauty…i could go here tomorrow!





    tasman5 tasman8






    See you there?

  • 3 Comments to “Dream Island Escape”

    1. Cathi on

      Oh for F#%”*^ sake this is too much of fantabulous eye candy!!! Imagine lolling around on this idyllic island!!! Love the interiors too!! Thanks you for a good start to a Monday morning!!!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Such wonderful escapism images – thank you

    3. lameez on

      Wow, What a beaut, love everything inside and out !!

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