• So, as you know by now, the kinds of DIY’s i veer towards are ones of the easy peasy variety – more than 45 minutes and i’ve generally lost interest. I made this little DIY for a Good Housekeeping Magazine shoot i did towards the end of last year – and it’s the easiest thing in the world. If like me, you have way too many decorative bowls that you love but that you simply don’t use enough, then this is a great way to do so (plus it’s a great gift for somebody). The bowl is a Mustardseed and Moonshine beauty that i was given for a birthday 10 years ago and which i absolutely love. I’ve been feeling guilty about not using it enough and now it has pride of place on my kitchen counter – and it means i think of the friend who gave it to me often!


    You’ll need:

    • A suitable receptacle – whether it’s a bowl or an old trophy or perhaps a soup tureen that’s lost its lid. Succulents like shallowish containers so don’t get anything too deep.

    • A selection of succulents  (i bought some mini ones from the nursery and took one out of our garden)

    • Gravel or something suitable to provide drainage at the bottom of your container (especially if drilling holes in the bottom is not an option)

    • Potting soil

    How to:

    • Line the bottom of the container with about 2cm of gravel, marbles or even sea glass

    • Fill the pot with potting soil to about 1 cm below the rim of the container (that way you won’t have overflow when you water)

    • Place the succulents in an arrangement that works  – try to play with scale and form – so bigger succulents towards the back (it’s a good idea to play around with the placement while they’re still in their original planters so you don’t end up digging them in and out of the soil)

    • Neaten the soil and use a dry paintbrush to brush off the soil that’s on the plant leaves

    • Place in a sunny spot and water every week or so

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