• When i went up to Joburg last year to present the Consol Christmas DIY workshop, one of the items i did show and tell on was a DIY snowglobe. In keeping with the theme i used Christmas decor items but for this particular DIY, i’ve used a little Eiffel Tower – in keeping with the month of love and all.


    So, if you’re looking for a cute and doable DIY – this snowglobe is super easy to achieve , here’s how:

    • You’ll need: a Consol jar of your choice, an ornament, water, glycerine, glitter, glue (i used a glue gun), the cap of a medicine bottle (i used a Panado top) and marine glue or silicone

    • Using your glue gun, attach the medicine bottle cap to the inside of the jar lid

    • Once it has dried, use the glue gun to affix your ornament and let it dry

    • Take the marine glue or silicone (the kind you use to seal bathrooms and line the inside if your jar lid (this will help the jar to stay watertight) – leave it for five to ten minutes

    •  Now fill your jar with water, add a few drops of glycerine (this helps the glitter to float nicely when you shake it) and your glitter

    • Carefully screw the lid with its attachment into the jar

    • Invert and shake gently – voila! You have a snowglobe of your own making!

    The pic was taken by the fabulous Brenda of Hearts!

  • 2 Comments to “DIY Snow Globe”

    1. debbie field on

      WOW!!! This pic is just glorious!!!!

    2. Katarina Strydom on

      Love it! Going to use it next Bday party that will be a DINO theme!!!

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