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    CANSA a

    Have you heard of the Cuppa for CANSA initiative that’s taking place this October?

    They’re challenging people to host tea parties, coffee mornings and cake-fuelled get togethers in order to raise funds for CANSA, the amazing national cancer association that does such incredible work! And Le Creuset is right behind them!

    Next week Thursday i’ll be hosting a Cuppa for CANSA tea party at The Table Bay Hotel.

    The Spring High Tea has just been lanched at the hotel so the timing is just right!

    CANSA b

    So…what it entails

    One reader will join me and a bunch of other blog editors and their 1 lucky reader winner. We’ll sip on teas and sample the delicious sweet and savoury delights on the Spring High Tea table and just shoot the breeze while escaping from our everyday lives for a few hours. The Table Bay Hotel is one of the most luxe destinations in the city and I for one am so excited to see what their new tea is all about.

    Le Creuset have sponsored a variety of beautiful prizes for the day – i’ll be holding a raffle to raise funds for CANSA and the more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win. Of course, the raffle is optional, you’re welcome to simply come and indulge in the gorgeous edible offerings and enjoy the time out in five star surrounds.

    Do you want to join me next Thursday for High Tea at The Table Bay?

    Leave a comment below – the winner will be announced this Friday the 17th of October.

    Can’t make it next Thursday?

    Why not host your own Cuppa for CANSA get together?

    You and your friends and family can make a difference by raising funds for CANSA. Take pix at your tea party and upload to Le Creuset’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts using the #cuppaforcansa hashtag and you’re automatically entered into a R10 000 draw to win an incredible Le Creuset hamper!

    If you’re looking for inspiration, Le Creuset have some beautiful tea time recipes available at any of their stores – plus if you purchase their rose pink cappuccino mugs for your tea party – you get a whopping 30% off!

    And don’t forget to print off their printable mini poster to show off in your social media pix! See that below

    I’m challenging all of you to host a Cuppa for Cansa tea party and you could WIN a Le Creuset hamper worth R900!!

    CANSA bb

    CANSA c and ddd

    Host a Cuppa_Printable

  • 17 Comments to “Cuppa for CANSA at The Table Bay”

    1. ursula @urkila on

      Hi Pretty! I would love love love to attend this and be a part of this amazing event. I wanted to host my own but as always life got in the way.


    2. Megan Richards on


      Table Bay has the best High Teas and I would love to experience some luxury.

      And meeting one of my favourite bloggers is always a bonus 🙂

    3. Shannon on

      I would love to join you for high tea and support this great iniative!

    4. Felicity on

      Yes please,what a lovely way to spend a few hours supporting a cause close to my heart.It will also be lovely to have a girly/pinky few hours!

    5. Lisa on

      Hi Vicky

      I lost my sister two weeks ago to cancer so this is something very close to my heart. I am planning to devote some of my time in the future to helping the wonderful organisations that assist people with cancer so this would be the perfect thing to get me going on my mission.

      Warm regards,

    6. Barbara on

      Would love to join you – a cause close to my heart and family

    7. jane on

      It’s just over a year since I had a mastectomy and I am finally feeling stronger, free-er and am recognising bits of my pre-cancerous self creeping back. A pink tea sounds like a fine way to celebrate!

    8. Kathy on

      Hi Vicki
      I would love to meet you and to join you at the tea. I am currently half way through chemo for breast cancer so this is a very special cause to me and one in which I intend to become more involved to give back all the love and support I have received during my journey

    9. Sian on

      If I won this prize I would love to nominate a friend to join you for the tea party as she was diagnosed with Breast cancer last Monday 6th October and underwent an emergency mastectomy a week ago (8th Oct). I have no doubt that she would love to be part of this amazing upcoming event.

    10. Sheryl on

      Hi Vicky.

      It sounds like a fabulous way to spend a spring afternoon. I have had skin cancer . Last year l lost both my folks in one week – my Mom to cancer and immediately afterwards had to start some more treatment. I suppose its about being grateful for what you have and l am sure whoever joins you will have a great time.

    11. Adriana on

      i want THAT 🙂

    12. Nadene reignier on

      Wow, a great cuse! Thank you for putting it out there and make us aware of something we can all do to lend a hand 🙂

    13. Ann Walis-Brown on

      I cannot justify taking the place of someone who has suffered breast cancer and deserves a treat but I would really like pay for my attendance and contribute in anyway I could if this is possible.
      I have had two good friends who have had mastectomies and reconstrutions and two who are about to, one who you kow well, who has had her lump diagnosed as non cancerous but going through radiology – terrifying – it has been a hard brave road they have all travelled – anything to help would be a privilege.
      Annie x

    14. Janine on

      I would love my mom, who is a HUGE foodie and cake obsessed (she owns and runs her own cake shop) to accompany you to the table bay tea, not only because she i_s a breast cancer survivor but because all through her mastectomy , chemo and radiation she did not complain or feel defeated for 1 minute! She continued to run her cake shop through the entire ordeal. She is the ultimate hero to me, and a great inspiration that you can overcome any obstacle if you put your mind to it. This is a great cause and I know she would love and appreciate (and indulge) in this experience. Xxxxx

    15. cal on

      Vicky you legend! le Creuset not only do we LOVE your pots n pans n cups but we continue to be Wowed with how you are in the world. We lost my mom-in-law to caner last year. This year our friend got diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. My hubby and I do many free talks on preventing ovarian cancer and explaining the HPV vaccine as there are lots of important questions out there! My cousin’s 9 year old daughter got diagnosed with brain cancer this year and she is kicking its butt. She and her mom and aunt and gran have been so magnificent! Boy does the support work.

    16. Jules on

      Finger sandwiches, scones and petit fours – oh my! High tea is the ultimate treat. I would love to join you, one of my favourite bloggers for an afternoon of decadence in honour of a great cause.

      Pinkies up!

    17. Belinda on

      Hi Vicky, I would love to join you at the tea, and help grow my and others’ awareness of cancer and how it can be overcome. It would be wonderful to enjoy tea with strong and beautiful ladies who take each day at a time to live life to the fullest.

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