• Hi lovelies! Shew, we spent THE MOST amazing 24 hours in the mountains last weekend. Friends of ours have built a mountain cabin just over an hour from Cape Town and it is utter perfection. We met them at the closest town on Saturday morning and then began the beautiful drive to reach it. Once close by, we parked and then hiked up to the cabin with all our stuff and food (packed too much, obvs, Charley lived in her cossie and unicorn onesie and Ava wore the same dress and her cossie the whole time). Besides the fact that it is brilliantly designed (hello Muji catalogue meets the smartest small space ever), what it offers is priceless – starry nights, no reception, river swims, fabulous chats with our mates and making fun out of sticks and stones for our small fry. It truly was such a privilege and we returned to civilisation on Sunday a little sun kissed and  with empty brains (hello digital detox) and happy hearts.

    Here’s are two shots i took of the kitchen and indoor living area and of the bathroom…

    I absolutely loved the pared down-ness of the space – so simple and so cleverly done!

    Of course the second we got to civilisation i went onto Pinterest to see what other amazing cabins are out there…

    so here are some other contemporary cabins that are currently feeding my soul

    Oh, and if you haven’t seen this video by one of my favourite ‘grammars Jonna Jiinton…and if you’ve ever aspired to move to the country and pick some apples, take a look here

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    1. Lalannie Knoll on

      Thank you for this video! So beautiful.

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on


    3. Ingrid on

      I love the simplicity of this beautiful home. Its uncomplicated.

    4. Rose McClement on

      Vicki – I LUVED that video. Luved it. what a brave and courageous Ethereal being she is. This is living in the Flow of your being. Incredible. Had she not followed her heart’s call she might never have delved so deeply into her creativity. Astounding. Really astounding. Thanks for sharing.

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